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Can stem cells really restore your youthful looks?


When an aging Hollywood action star or sex symbol reemerges after a long hiatus looking younger, with a great body and smoother, firmer facial skin, people now assume they have undergone stem cell therapy.   In my interview with doctors Eric and Anna Yalung of Regenestem Manila, they set me straight. While the actor/actress may [...]

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How to wake up your hair

DENSIFIQUE Cure awakens sleeping hair from scalp.

If you think you’re losing hair, it might just be sleeping beneath your scalp.

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New treatments for flatter abs, tighter skin


Washboard abs are sexy regardless of gender. If you have tried everything from hardcore exercise combined with the strictest diet and healthy lifestyle but still have those love handles ruining the rest of your toned physique, then please read on.

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Fast-acting and potent beauty products

MYSLIM Yerba Mate drink and capsules

Some of us are resigned to certain beauty calamities because we have learned to live with them. It’s a good thing some beauty brands are relentless in finding ways to make us as close to perfect. The prices are also surprisingly reasonable.

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Is your water making you fat, sick or old before your time?


Before you drink up, read up. Here are a few facts: 1. In longevity villages of the world such as Lourdes, France; Okinawa, Japan; and Sang Sa, Korea, the water source is free from harmful contaminants, and rich in alkaline ionized minerals.

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