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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MYSLIM Yerba Mate drink and capsules
MYSLIM Yerba Mate drink and capsules

Some of us are resigned to certain beauty calamities because we have learned to live with them. It’s a good thing some beauty brands are relentless in finding ways to make us as close to perfect. The prices are also surprisingly reasonable.


Effective odor neutralizer. Anyone who frequents Edsa or barbecue grill restaurants knows how the smoke clings to you. Dousing yourself with perfume does not really work or worse, morphs into an unbearable mix like exotic BO.


Etude House has come up with Petit Bijou All Over Body Spray (P378 each) designed to neutralize the smell of pollution, barbecue grills and oil splatters. I spray this on my hair, clothes and purse after eating at Tong Yang and I smell so clean like soap and baby powder with no hint of garlic or smoke at all. They have three variants: bestseller Peach Touch (floral peach), So Lovely (fruity floral) and my pick Baby Bubble (baby powder).


Potent bleaching cream with SPF. Answered prayer for dark underarms. We are resigned to the fact that we have to cover up areas we are trying to bleach on our bodies like scars, brown spots, dark knees and elbows. Bleached areas are sensitive to even the tiniest bit of sun or even the computer screen and light bulb rays. When it comes to our face though, we have to reapply heavy-duty sunblock every two hours.


Aesthetic Science’s bleaching cream has titanium dioxide (P680) which is very effective in blocking off most of the sun’s rays if you stay mostly indoors or just cross the street from your

ETUDE House Petit Bijou All Over Body Spray; Aesthetic Science bleaching cream

car to a building. It has been very effective in fading new freckles and brown scars from scrapes and scratches fast.


However, since it is potent, you need to consult with the doctor to make sure you will not have any allergic reactions or it will not conflict with any medication.


Also, please keep sun exposure at a minimum especially if the treated area is exposed like your face and neck. Just because it has titanium dioxide does not mean you can play golf or sunbathe.


Call  8993643 or 0917-8082926.


Cooling face and body moisturizer. The heat and humidity dehydrate us as it draws fluids away from our body. Applying regular lotion or moisturizer only adds to the sticky feeling. The greasy face also makes us look untidy.


The Body Shop has come up with Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet for the face. It keeps one hydrated for 24 hours, has a mattifying finish and gives instant refreshing relief and cooling feeling on the face and neck. The vitamin E works to reverse, heal and prevent damage due to free radicals and sun exposure.


THE BODY Shop Sorbet line

The Body Sorbet comes in three refreshing scents: Strawberry, Satsuma (citrus) and Moringa aka malunggay (a scent preferred by men) so you smell good as well as feel cooler and hydrated without the greasy feeling. Menthol is the secret ingredient for the cool factor but there is no hint of that in the scent.


MySlim Yerba Mate drink. Fastest constipation cure that detoxes, burns fat, boosts energy and speeds up weight loss. After you drink this, wait between 30 minutes to two hours and you will surely use the bathroom. No stomach cramping or embarrassing oil leaks, and the strawberry flavor tastes great so finishing a bottle is no ordeal. It contains Carnipure, the trusted L-Carnitine variant that burns stored fat and converts it to energy.


Finomate EFLA 920 is derived from Yerba mate which suppresses appetite and helps with weight loss via fat reduction without affecting existing muscle mass It is totally sugar free and the sweetness is derived from Palatinose which controls the release of glucose in the blood resulting in stable energy levels for longer periods so you can still hit the gym or go for a run after office hours.


The drink should only be taken once or twice in a week. I pick Sunday to clear out my meal splurges from Friday and Saturday. What you can take daily are the mySlim capsules as it just gives you regular bowel movement. Take one tablet twice a day after your two biggest meals. Mine would be lunch and dinner.


Do not plan any outings within six hours of ingesting the liquid to give time for the bathroom breaks to pass.


Call 0928-6652646; visit

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