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Perfect timing

“THIS should be as good a time as any.”

When, indeed, is it a good time to do anything, and at our age, too?

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To party or not


Why not, indeed, celebrate birthdays. I do, at every chance. It was mom who started me on the happy habit. She never missed mounting the observance—for herself and me—so that most of my classmates, to this day, still somehow remember my birth month, if not the exact day.

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Rude is rude in any color


COLORS have lost their innocence. Some are even getting their reputation smirched.

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What am I doing the rest of my life?


I don’t know why, but the question tends to put me on the defensive, which I’m sure isn’t the intent. So, what have I been doing these days? Well, aside from nothing…

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Ingrid Sala Santamaria’s eternal Spring

INGRID Sala Santamaria withmembers of theManila Symphony Orchestra at her concert on June 12 in Tondo, Manila

The winter of her career in classical music that Ingrid Sala Santamaria herself refers to has been a truly busy one; it’s been concentrated on preparations for an eternal Spring.

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