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Countdown to Christmas

This floral-print
long-sleeve shirt
is perfect for the
upcoming nippy
Brighten it up
with graphic
heart-print bag
and orange flats.

Yes. You’ll already be hearing Christmas carols even as you read this. It’s never too early to plan holiday gift-giving.

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Consumers can expect more energy-efficient ‘tools’


The United Nations Environment Program (Unep) hopes to speed up the shift to more energy-efficient appliances and equipment. The Efficient Appliances and Equipment Partnership is expected to reduce global energy demand by at least 10 percent and slow climate change, improve access to energy and save the world $350 billion annually in energy costs.

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Report those text scams


Maria Perla Hudtohan is grateful for warnings on “rebates” and “discounts” sent by scam artists.

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Why consumers should welcome inverter technology


With more and more people using energy-efficient appliances to help slow down environmental degradation, manufacturers are touting inverter technology as a way to reduce power consumption and conserve valuable but finite resources.

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All passengers are the same for this bus conductor


A reader, who asks not to be identified, wants the Alro Transport Bus Company to train its conductors on how to treat passengers and not to disrespect senior citizens and persons with disability (PWD).

Posted: May 21st, 2014 in Columns,Home and Entertaining | Read More »