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Be Pinoy, enjoy!

“GODDESS Kneading the Dough for Baking the Human Race: The Burned Negro, the Half-Baked Caucasian, the Perfectly Browned Pinoy” ART BY GCF 2009, OWNED BY KIDLAT TAHIMIK

PINOY is what Filipinos call each other. It’s an abbreviated term of endearment—you’re Pinoy from Pilipino, just like you’re Tisoy from mestizo, or Chinoy from Chinese-Filipino.

Posted: November 10th, 2013 in Columns,Featured Columns,Photos & Videos,Sunday Lifestyle | Read More »

Pinoy Yale grad a YouTube sensation

After US President Barack Obama’s, the US Olympic Swimming Team’s and even Cookie Monster’s renditions, does anybody seriously want to hear one more cover of “Call Me Maybe”?

Posted: September 23rd, 2012 in Headlines,Sunday Lifestyle | Read More »

Time to pitch in and lend a hand–even if the Pinoy is waterproof


Water has once again showed its mighty force, and we have felt its wrath over the past weeks. It’s a good thing the Pinoy is waterproof and can weather any storm.

Posted: August 12th, 2012 in Columns,Editor's Pick,Featured Columns,Featured Gallery,Headlines,Photos & Videos,Sunday Lifestyle | Read More »

The Filipino always goes the extra mile


I enjoy flying, especially since, for many years now, I have been blessed to get free business-class tickets. The silence inside and the quiet hum of the engines give me time to pull myself together.

Posted: June 17th, 2012 in Columns,Featured Columns,Headlines,Sunday Lifestyle | Read More »