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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Filipino-American Lilly Galvadores of San Diego, California, sent in questions about astral projection, telepathic communication with her twin sister and strong electronic magnetic energy in her body.


“My twin sister, Lisa, called me this morning in panic. She had what possibly was an out-of-body experience. While out of her body, she saw her husband at work near a book cart (he works in a library) and he was singing to himself.


“After she managed to wake up and move, she phoned her husband and learned he was indeed near a cart, singing to himself. This was a frightening experience for her. She had never experienced this. Is there anything she should be worried about?


“I myself had a strange experience in 1996, three days after my father passed away. I saw his face attached to a smoke-like body with two grayish, smokey-type figures behind him. He was smiling and playing peekaboo in the hallway.


“I suffered from having frequent nightmares before I saw my deceased father. After that, no more. I also dreamed of a boy named Mason, and told my twin about it. It turns out that Mason is the son of the friend she was with last night. I described Mason in detail. When she sent me a picture of him, it was exactly as I had described him. Could I have received the image from my sister?”


Dear Lilly,


There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Out-of-body experience or astral projection is a natural and normal occurrence experienced by many. There is nothing supernatural or strange about it.


Almost every time we sleep, our astral body detaches itself from our physical body and travels to many places. Sometimes, however, a person may wake up in the astral world and see things as if awake.


He may see himself floating near the ceiling, looking at his physical body lying asleep on the bed. When the person panics, he may have difficulty getting back to his body, but if he stays calm, he will slide back into his physical body without effort.


Twins, especially identical twins, have very strong psychic and telepathic connections between them. Distance is no hindrance to their ability to sense what is happening to the other.


If you want to know more about astral projection, please read my book “Exploring the Powers of Your Inner Mind,” available in the Philippines at National Bookstore. Other books you may find helpful are “Astral Projection” by Scott Rogo and “Far Journey” by Robert Monroe.


Third eye


Another letter came from reader Carmen Tang, 22, of Melbourne, Australia, asking about signs of having a third eye and out-of-body experiences. There are other curious things she can’t explain, like a tingling sensation on her skin and electric devices becoming active on their own.


She often wakes up at night, unable to  sleep. A friend suggested she was being disturbed by a demon. The thought frightened her.


Dear Carmen,


Signs that a person has an open third eye are: seeing events happening from afar, i.e. remote viewing, or seeing spirits.


Since electric devices are affected by your presence, you may have extra strong electromagnetic energy emitted by your body.


You are not being disturbed by a demon. You are a psychic, that’s why you experience all these things. I suggest you attend my seminar on basic ESP when in Manila to develop and control your psychic abilities. Also, read good books on the subject.


Another letter writer, Meg Noble Paguyo, has been bilocating without knowing it. She wrote that many times people have reported seeing her in a place when she was never there. She asked if this is the same as a doppelganger, and why it happens.


Seeing a person in two places at the same time is called bilocation. One may be in one place physically, but his or her astral body is seen elsewhere. This is not really as uncommon a phenomenon as some may think. A doppelganger is a person’s etheric double which can sometimes be seen.


Why does bilocation happen? The astral body is also called the “desire body,” because it goes where one desires to go. So it is possible that either consciously or subconsciously, you want to go there, and your astral body obliges by being there.


Many saints of the Catholic Church have been known to bilocate consciously, especially, Padre Pio. There’s nothing to be scared of when this happens.




Attend the two-day Basic ESP seminar on April 27-28, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the next Practical Mind Dynamics Seminar May 11-12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., both at Rm. 308 Prince Plaza I, Legazpi St., Greenbelt, Makati City. For more details, call 8107245, 8159890, 0908-3537885 and  0929-4187011; or e-mail Visit our website:

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