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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Overwhelmed by information overload about the upcoming elections? These apps will help streamline the influx of news and reports from various sources to help you get ready for electionday on May 13.

App: Comelec (Free, iOS/Android)

This multi-featured app includes all things related to the elections. The voter status checker is handy for both first-time and previous voters.  If you are registering for the first time, this app lets you know the status of your registration, while previously registered voters can check if they’re eligible to vote in the May election.  Come Election Day make sure to check the app’s precinct finder, so you don’t find yourself in a long queue only to discover that you’re in the wrong precinct.

Halalan 101 is an aggregated source for election-related information-dates, instructions on how to fill up a ballot, election policies, laws and rules. One of the most useful features of this comprehensive app is the list of candidates for national and local posts (sourced from Comelec), complete with the candidate’s profile. Through this app, voters can also access election news sourced from ABS-CBN.

The app also allows users to submit “citizen journalist” reports and upload photos and videos related to the elections. Another great feature is the “My Ballot” tab which lets you input the names of people you intend to vote for; you may even check out the list of candidates for municipalities and barangays. On election day, the app also provides tabulation reports.

Infographics online: http://opinion.inquirer.net/48925/advance-voting and http://opinion.inquirer.net/46985/the-senatorial-candidates

An infographic breaks down the essential details in digestible tidbits and comes with entertaining graphics, usually presented in one page for your reading convenience. The Inquirer’s election infographics, including that on advance voting (text by Denison Rey Dalupang, illustration by Albert Rodriguez), and the senatorial aspirants (text by Inquirer Research and Archives, layout by Ernie Sambo) provide readers with pertinent data that you can store in your smartphone/tablet, or print to share with family and friends.

Hashtag: #Vote2013


If you want your Twitter feed to give you the latest news on the election, check out hashtags by various news outlets. The Inquirer’s Twitter account, for example, organizes all election news by adding a hashtag (#Vote2013) to each tweet.

Certain Twitter apps, like Tweetbot, allow you to save each hashtag so you can always read the latest news as it refreshes itself as soon as new content is available. Also available are regular Q&A’s with senatorial candidates so you can get to know them better. Using the hashtag yourself will instantly make your tweet a part of the ongoing thread.


Super’s rundown on senatorial candidates (by Fran Katigbak, Rissa Camongol, Cake Evangelista, Irene Andrea Perez, Annelle Tayao and Jovic Yee)


(http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/98321/super-guide-to-2013-senatorial-bets, http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/99501/who-gets-your-vote-2)

This well-researched two-part guide will help you decide who to cast your ballot for on May 13. The guide focuses on each senatorial aspirant and their affiliation, individual platforms, previous accomplishments, stands on important issues and news articles about them. The straightforward presentation of facts about each candidate takes away the noise of the jingle and spin, leaving you with only the essentials. •