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OCTOBER 27, 2022

For those who color their hair or are thinking about it seriously, the important thing to remember is that the first 15 days after the coloring session are the most crucial. Your responsibility does not end the moment you leave the salon.


The right shampoo and conditioner must be applied, because most Filipino women—regardless of hair type—have oily scalp which smells, gets greasy and is susceptible to dandruff when not thoroughly cleansed.


Using shampoo formulated for oily hair will solve the scalp problem, but this will mutilate the colored hair strands by frying them dry and stripping away  color. The hair ends up brassy, rusty and dried out in a few weeks’ time—a waste of money.


The old shampoo that I use for the first 15 days on my color-treated hair gives me silky strands and great color, but I also get the oily scalp problems plus excessive falling hair.


L’Oreal shampoo


Thankfully I discovered L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which cleans oily scalp thoroughly as well as pampers colored strands so that the color stays gorgeous and hair smells fresh and clean with no strong perfume scent. Also, the scalp does not grease up for at least 24 hours.


This one actually has a rich lather and the infused rosemary mint neutralizes the oiliness—preventing odor- and dandruff-causing bacteria from thriving.


But it’s only available at hair salons that carry L’Oreal products.


Avene Sensitive White


Women with sensitive skin are most prone to skin discoloration. The problem is aggravated by most skin-brightening products, whose sting makes the skin red, itchy and maybe even scarred with more spots.


Other products are usually too weak to yield significant results.


The French brand Avene has launched a product for sensitive skin and effective skin brightening called the Avene Sensitive White line.


Start with a skin cleanser of your choice, followed by the Avene Whitening Lotion, Essence, and, depending on your skin type, the Whitening Fluid for oily skin, or the Cream for dry skin.


I use Cleanance for my acne-prone sensitive skin, while most people use the soap-free sensitive skin cleanser.


The Avene Lotion/Toner has a different texture compared to most other brands. It’s a hybrid of liquid and gel and contains a high dosage of myrtle extract that inhibits melanin production and regulates skin pigmentation.


The Essence has a slight tingle that is very tolerable. I religiously top it with the SPF 50 Sunblock that I reapply  every three hours as long as there is sunlight.


I slacked off on skin brightening and sunblock the past few months, causing pigmentation to go wild on my face and making me two shades darker in foundation. Using Avene has put things back in order.


The Avene Sensitive White line is 50-percent off till the end of August at select Mercury Drug outlets.




Also try Celeteque’s Skin Whitening Line, which is formulated for sensitive skin. Those with dry, sensitive skin might consider switching the facial cleanser for their hydrating line.


If you need to even out your skin fast for an important event,  consider whitening masks twice a week at night. Neutrogena Whitening, Lancome Blanc Expert and Etude House have very potent masks that visibly brighten the skin.


Cleanse face thoroughly, then apply the mask and leave on following the advised time on package. Remove mask, then wipe on other parts of the body like neck, décollete, arms, shoulders and upper back. Do not rinse off till morning. You should have at least a shade lighter skin when you wake up!


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