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OCTOBER 27, 2022


No amount of makeup can yield a skin that has been pampered and fed a nutritious diet. Our skin matures as we age, and it is vital for us to optimize its well-being.


One of Manila’s best-kept beauty secrets could very well be Dr. Jonathan Yu, a dermatologist and fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society. His qualifications and skills, quiet rapport, firm authority and hands-on approach have attracted loyal clients.


Acne treatment


Women and teenagers, whose hormones are going haywire, have acne problems (on the face or even on the back) that can cause discomfort. Acne treatment by Yu is a multi-step approach.


He does the glycolic peel (very gentle peel) himself and almost instantly you will see a great improvement on your skin. He performs a tender acne surgery to remove sebum content and will prescribe some topical medication for your skin.


This series of treatments will reduce breakouts, and achieve skin that is clear and bright.




To prevent wrinkles, some women undergo Botox treatment. According to Dr. Yu, “Botox is injected in small quantities into areas where wrinkles are undesirable. The aim is definitely not to look frozen, but to achieve a natural and refreshed look.”


He points out that the effects are subtle, with no downtime; but if one decides to undergo Botox, one should do so with great caution.




According to Dr. Yu, laser treatments are supposed to lighten pigments, freckles, spots and blemishes. Laser treatment can also be done for tattoo removal.


His range of devices includes Fraxel, Thermage, IPL (intense pulsed light). I love his IPL treatment because it makes flawless skin achievable, with no downtime or visual peeling.


Apart from lightening the blemishes, laser treatments tighten the skin for a youthful feel.


Dr. Yu has great empathy for his patients, and he’s always open to discussing options and the best route to achieve their objectives.


I have been his patient for over 10 years, I remain loyal to him because it’s great to go to someone who remembers you, your concerns, and works with you towards your aim and aspirations—for your skin, anyway.


Dr. Yu’s clinic details can be accessed on the Philippine Dermatological Society’s website



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