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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The initial reaction of the Theresians of Quezon City to the column of Gilda Cordero Fernando, which appeared last Sunday in the Inquirer, ranged from mild surprise to perplexed anger, bordering on disgust even. Some simply wondered where these mindless thoughts of Ms Fernando were coming from.


Theresians from St. Theresa’s College Quezon City (STCQC), who were derisively referred to as belonging to the “low” and “democratic” branch of the Theresian family, wanted to retaliate; who could blame them?  A number, however, did not even want to dignify her “nostalgic musings”; they did not want to have anything to do with it. Both reactions are understandable.


A couple considered responding kindly to it, though—a move most appropriate, heeding what the doctor of the Catholic Church,  St.Teresa of Avila, had written— “Let our light shine at all times!”


Interestingly enough, Theresians from Quezon City understand how we all got branded as “democratic,” which is not a derogatory description in the first place.


If Ms Fernando was referring to the fact that we are women deeply aware of the need to treat every member of society as our equal, then all the graduates of STCQC welcome and embrace the term.

What we do not comprehend, however, is how the word “low” is applied to us—how the term should even be used on us.


Funny, really, how this comes at this time, especially given the call of unity, under the banner of “One STC,” initiated by Filipino women who, through the years, have remained grateful and proud to have received the Theresian education. How can we allow writings such as this by Ms. Fernando to cause divisiveness at a time when there is a call of unity among us Theresians!


Let us all be united as members of one Theresian family!


Ma. Lourdes Bangsal-Gonzalez

STC High School Class ’ 69

Student Body Association

president ’68-’69

St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City

Alumnae president (STAA,QC) ’97-’07


Letter to the Lifestyle editor


I AM WRITING you on behalf of the St. Theresa’s College QC Alumnae Association, a number of whose members here and abroad have expressed their displeasure at the article “The Way We Were,” written by Gilda Cordero Fernando (PDI Lifestyle, Aug. 25), specifically the following sentence:


“…as far as we original alumnae are concerned, the only Santa Teresa we know was the one at 202 San Marcelino St. Malate and not the low democratic branch located at D. Tuazon QC.”


We respect the writer’s expression of how she remembers her past, and how perceptions at that time may be different from what they are now, but this article has sadly elicited feelings of discrimination, running counter to the One STC unification efforts all alumnae have been working hard to build, here and abroad, together with the founding nuns of the school, the 1CM sisters.


This desire for unity was felt so strongly when the 1CM nuns celebrated their centennial year in 2010, reinforcing the vision and mission of the 1CM sisters, the school and the Alumnae Association.


Imagine our disappointment when an alumna of Gilda Cordero Fernando’s stature set back the unifying efforts instead of helping it continue to flourish.


We hope to see our sentiments acknowledged, understood and published through you, and we do not desire anything else but that we can all move on to recover from this sad setback with all Theresians, regardless of campus locations, who stand as One.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Carmencita N. Reodica

STCQC High School  ’55

Chair, St. Theresa’s College QC

Alumnae Association


Gilda’s reply


THAT WAS just the view of an antique Theresian of the 1930s. Perhaps what incensed the STAA president was the reference to the “low” democratic branch in QC. Actually, I missed a key word, I meant LOW structure because it was one-story, unlike our big wedding cake structure. Not meant to offend. Will you forgive me, STAA?
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