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Arimado takes ‘Top Vieux’ of nostalgia


Richard Arimado paints bird’s-eye views of nostalgic street scenes. He takes his audience on a journey of perspective, showing masterful street scenes from above with his figures looking up.


Arimado’s distinct compositions use turn-of-the-century motifs, which give his paintings a nostalgic aura, enhanced by his playful treatment of perspective.


Now, art lovers can view his latest works in “Top Vieux,” which will open at Galleria Nicolas (Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City;  tel. 6250273; e-mail [email protected]) on Nov. 7, 6 p.m., and will run until Nov. 20.


“SUNDAY Morning”
“MANILA Hospital de Chinos”

Arimado (born 1970) studied at the Technological Institute of the Philippines and Panday Sining Art Study Center.


Depicting his figures on boats along the Pasig River, or at the Tutuban train station, or at the plaza rotunda of a church, Arimado brings the viewer to places of memory through the fantastic viewpoints that elicit playfulness and a cutting sense of humor.


These paintings are wonderful guides to what our cities once were at the height of their greatness. In this manner, Arimado is also a painter of memory and history, but from the vantage point of idyllic nostalgia.


In the recent charity auction of International Care Ministries in Hong Kong, Arimado’s 30 x 36 oil-on-canvas painting “Old Manila” fetched HK$39,800 (or P211,000).