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OCTOBER 27, 2022

In the aftermath of Supertyphoon “Yolanda,” it didn’t feel right to write about beauty products as the money could better serve the suffering people in the Visayas.


Sure enough, many people have foregone Christmas shopping and chosen to donate to help survivors rebuild their lives.


However, several brands and establishments are offering bargain but quality deals and packages that will benefit those who really need them long term.  Here’s to hoping you can take advantage of these special offers. Expect my next few articles to be about great savings.


Finessa Aesthetica (FA) is one of several new clinics in the Quezon City area that offers a few select services. It offers a 10-percent discount on all services to the first 50 clients.


My obsession with Goth-white skin is common knowledge, so FA offered me Glutathione IV Drip. It differs from the usual gluta injections in that it is 10 times the usual 500 mg in a syringe—5 grams are administered in dextrose form for two whole hours.


Obvious whitening will supposedly become evident after four to six sessions, spaced at least a week apart. For P4,000 the treatment also comes with free foot spa and your choice of HD movies to watch while on a plush La-Z-Boy chair. You can also answer e-mails or work from your laptop. Those who avail themselves of five sessions will get one session free.


A possible side effect is drowsiness. I fell into a deep sleep by 9 p.m. and woke up after nine hours. I saw obvious lightening on the skin of my arms, which is my darkest body part, within four days post IV.


Another bane of my existence is stubborn fat that, lately, I seem to have accumulated in my tummy area. I wanted something quick and effective that could be done during lunch break, as people don’t have all the time these days, plus I had already stayed for two hours with the gluta and wanted to beat traffic.


Finessa Aesthetica recommended Ultra Cavitation that uses ultrasound to reduce volume reduction of fatty tissue and firms up of the skin for a tighter appearance. There’s also Cryolipolysis that reduces fat deposits by using cold temperature that causes the fat cells to die over time and to be excreted by the body via their own lymphatic system. This may be uncomfortable for people who are bothered by cold temperatures.


The entire procedure was done in 40 minutes. It was painless. I lost four centimeters of fat in the lower abdominal area upon post measurement.




But don’t have the treatment if you have an event the same evening; in my case, my stomach noticeably swelled for about 12 hours, which my husband also noticed.


As soon as I got home, I used the bathroom and expelled a lot of oily goo. Same thing happened the next morning.


My stomach flattened slowly within the next day, after every bathroom visit.


There is no stomach cramping or any other discomfort, though. Yes, this is also covered by a “5-plus-1” promo for now, as well as 10 percent discount per treatment for the first 50 clients. During my visit the clinic had less than 10. The staff are certified dermatologists and nurses.


Finessa Aesthetica is at 26 Scout Tobias, Quezon City, Call 0917-3303390.

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