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RAJO Laurel happy to feel like an explorer

Ola Patagonia! El Calafate, Day 1!

RAJO Laurel happy to feel like an explorer

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Patagonia, South America

Rajo Laurel

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blog, February 2013


CHECKING out artesian stalls in the town

I have always dreamed of visiting Patagonia. The very name conjures images of solace and peace. Imagine just you and the most amazing views of nature.


Our gang slimmed down to three as the rest had to go back to their respective countries. It was just Robby, Nix and I who were able to experience the beauty of Calafate.


Our trip was a bit delayed but we eventually got to our destination and all the anxiety disappeared as we neared our destination.


The view from the plane was already making me happy and the moment we landed, a sense of awe and serenity greeted me.



It was several degrees cooler than Buenos Aires. This being summer, it was actually perfect.


What greeted us was the bluest sky I have ever seen and the air was so clean that, as I inhaled, I could already feel my body detoxifying.


We dropped our bags in our hotel and made a quick hike to see some pink flamingos. It was the perfect introduction to Patagonia!

Lush green vistas punctuated by endless blue skies!

This, in many ways, was  dream destination fulfilled.

(Patagonia is a region in South America shared by Argentina and Chile.)


RAJO Laurel with Nix Alanon

Patagonia–El Calafate– Day 2! Perito Merino!

Posted on Feb. 4, 2013


One of the main reasons to come to Patagonia is to see the glaciers. There are actually several glaciers in the region, but the most important  has got to be Perito Moreno.


It is named after Argentina’s greatest explorer and founder of the world famous glacier. What makes it famous is its size—almost as big as Buenos Aires and also accessible by either  land or water.



Today we would be doing a bit of both. The national forest where the iceberg is located is quite a number of hours away, but the drive was worth it. When we got there it was quite the view! Ice as far as your eyes could see!


We took a catamaran ferry that brought us closer to the ice and to the most spectacular vista of nature. It was as if fire and ice met and created the most amazing sculptural formations that I have ever seen.


The ice alone is quite a spectacle as it’s almost as tall as a 50-story building. Every now and then you would hear the ice crack and very loud booming sounds would emanate from the ice.


The sad part is that the ice is melting due to climate change, and no one is sure till when all this will last. I feel deeply blessed to have been able to see this with my own eyes.


Right after the boat ride we went to where you could view the ice from another angle. You could walk on a viewing deck and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the ice.  It was spectacular! I enjoyed it as I love the cold and the icy air nipping at my face. It was really a treat.


Robby and Nix were with me the whole time, but they don’t like the cold as much as I do; in many ways we had various degrees of enjoyment!


The photos really tell it all!  One of the true highlights of our trip was visiting Perito Moreno.