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OCTOBER 27, 2022


The Year of the Green Horse is galloping your way, carrying with it good fortune that represents growth and prosperity.


The horse symbolizes progress, a speedy transportation to your destination. Where there’s a horse, there’s a road; where there’s a road, there’s civilization.


There’s so much wealth coming that feng shui master Aldric V. Dalumpines called 2014 the Year of the Greenest Horse. But is a windfall blowing down your alley?


Master Aldric said animal signs on a streak of good luck are the Pig, Snake, Tiger, Sheep and Rooster.


The Dog will have its bouts of ups and downs, while the Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox and Horse will be the least fortunate.


Only two Horses are exempted—the Wood Horse, who will be in its element, so to speak; and the Water Horse, since water is money.


‘Generic’ charms


There are, however, ways to deflect bad luck. “Feng shui is like a program for getting that chi (universal energy); it can alter your destiny. You can make your fortune through feng shui,” master Aldric said.


The best way to shrug off bad energy is to travel. Travel distance doesn’t matter; what counts is the frequency. Driving your children to school regularly, for instance, is good enough. Negative chi is like a drone, he said. The less you stay put in one place, the better your chances of dodging its bullets. Each time you travel, he said, you attract opportunities.


“You don’t need to spend money on charms. Don’t just jump into buying charms advised by shopkeepers as they might be wrong for you. I have a personal crusade against so-called feng shui masters who actually know nothing. I took it upon myself to be the vanguard of feng shui. And I’m telling you now, it is not necessary to buy charms to ward off bad luck,” he said.


But there are “generic” charms one can purchase to attract more luck, he pointed out, such as arowana dragonfish. This works on all animal signs. If buying the actual fish is just a tad too much for you, master Aldric said you can download a photo online and use it as your wallpaper. Or buy a photo of the dragonfish.


“Do it the way people in Hong Kong do. There was a time when the dog was seen as a lucky charm. They didn’t buy dogs, but instead got key chains of dogs or dog figurines. These are modern times. Downloading is okay,” he said, laughing.


While the Year of the Green Horse translates to prosperity and progress, people—policymakers or not—will also be susceptible to hoarding and keeping money under the bed.


This is counterproductive, master Aldric added, as money should never be stagnant, because there will be no growth.


Mothers, fathers


Last year, the troublesome star or energy was in the southwest, or the mother, which was why many mothers were afflicted with diseases and even died. This year the health area shifts to the northwest, affecting the fathers.


Whether an actual dad or a figurehead, fathers will find themselves handicapped in health, finances, career, love life and relationships.


Men, who will be more stressed out than normal in the Year of the Green Horse, will be susceptible to high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.


Protect the east side of the home, where bad wind will be coming from, by placing a mirror on the opposite side. The mirror, he said, will deflect bad health.


Troubles of the heart


This is also the year of the Flying Star, said master Aldric. Which means troubles of the heart, such as romantic affairs where there shouldn’t be. Fathers will be seen straying away, or being whisked off by third parties, from their wives or partners. It’s a double-edge sword, master Aldric said, and is simply how the universal law of karma functions.


“The Snake and the Horse started intercepting since Aug. 8, 2013. President Aquino is a Rat, which is not a lucky sign for the Year of the Horse. And Aquino is the father of the nation. When the two animal signs began crossing each other’s paths, we saw conflicts with the MNLF, Bohol earthquake, Supertyphoon ‘Yolanda.’ It was a series of bad events hitting the sign of the Rat, indirectly hitting our country,” master Aldric said.


Lucky colors will depend on many factors, but as a general rule Wood is green; Fire, red; Metal, white; Water, blue; and Earth, yellow.


Master Aldric’s general forecast for each animal sign:




“A Rat’s weakness is the Horse. The Rat must not be seduced by the Horse, lest it ends up getting kicked out of a relationship. Romance does not look good for the Rat. However, the Rat is very resourceful so it will be good in monetary affairs. Just don’t get into debt, and never loan money. The Rat will be overfatigued, so get plenty of rest or your health will suffer.”




“The Ox is half a Rat; that is why they are soul mates. If you notice, US President Barack Obama and President Aquino have good relations. Even former President Joseph Estrada has been suwerte since Aquino became President.


“But the Ox will be unlucky in family and personal relationships. Either there will be news of unwanted babies, or, as karmic law goes, a daughter Ox will become pregnant. The Ox, however, is also lucky in money.”


Master Aldric cautions an Ox not to put on too much weight. “If an Ox becomes heavy, it will be ripe for slaughter. Meaning, people will be taking advantage of an overly fed Ox.”




“The Tiger has the Midas touch. Good fortune will follow. The Tiger has a close ally in the Horse, and is still entering into its lucky year (next year will be even better). The Tiger, however, tends to be very reckless and is easily swindled or robbed. Stay away from the Monkey. The Monkey, drawn by the Tiger’s luck, will most likely do ‘monkey business’ on the unassuming Tiger.”




“Rabbits are the playboys and playgirls of the animal sign. They are not as lucky this year, and will be prone to illness—including sexually transmitted diseases. A Rabbit must not be promiscuous. And while its eyes might often wander, the Rabbit still has the good fortune of receiving much support from friends and family.”




“Another half-Rat sign is the Dragon. This not a good year for the Dragon. Use feng shui to nudge your luck. A Rooster or Phoenix should do the trick. The Rooster is the Dragon’s soul mate. And for Dragons who want to make a comeback, the Phoenix would be excellent as a symbol of the spirit rising from the ashes.”




“Like the Tiger, everything the Snake touches turns to gold this year. But this lucky streak has a weakness—envy and intrigue. Many political leaders are Snakes (Mao Ze Dong, John F. Kennedy, Chavit Singson), but they get pulled down by the tail so easily. Protect yourself by getting a Rooster.”




“Just because it’s the Year of the Green Horse doesn’t mean the Horse lucky. Apart from Water and Wood, every other element in this animal sign won’t be so fortunate. Rid yourself of two opposing signs—your fellow Horse, and the Rat. Never partner with them this year. But if you already are partners with either of the signs, whether in business or personal relationship, get a Horse figurine if you’re both Horses. Triple signs are like jackpots symbols—it will create luck for you. Or you can get an arowana ring or photo.”




“The Sheep is compatible with the Horse, so this year will be lucky, too. But from September to October this year, the Wood Sheep will be intercepting and this will change your fortune. Sheep and sheep will neutralize each other, so take precautions during the last quarter. To protect yourself, get a Rooster. The Rooster is your soul mate. Roosters are good in enriching other signs but not themselves. Stay away from the Ox.”




“Monkeys are normally good with Horses, but not this year. If the Monkey is Wood or Water it will be fine. But since it is half-Rat, it won’t be as lucky. Be careful in doing business. Stay away from Tigers because they are so lucky they could end up running away with the Monkey’s capital.”




“It’s a very good year for Roosters, who are still on a continuous upward flight. Roosters, however, are easily swayed by Rabbits. If they’re not careful, Rabbits could change their fortune. Stay away from Rabbits as they will only pull you back down to earth.




Dogs, like Rabbits, are also very promiscuous. They are egoistic and, because of greed, they may fall into financial and sexual scandals. Dogs, he said, are greedier than Monkeys, and very sly. Partner with a Tiger, who will become your guardian. Tigers protect Dogs. Get a Rooster figurine to counter the bad luck.




“It’s a comeback year for the Pig, who has been down for the past three years. The Pig’s luck is still going to peak, but already this year will be a splendid one in every aspect of its life. A Pig’s best partner is the Tiger. Avoid Snakes and other Pigs. Like the Ox, a Pig must watch its weight. Protect yourself from bad health by wearing your lucky color. Teal is the color of health.”


Master Aldric V. Dalumpines has been practicing feng shui for more than 30 years. He is the consultant of many prominent Chinese businessmen and celebrities. For consultation, contact him at 0999-3128168; or like Feng Shui University of the Philippines at Facebook.

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