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OCTOBER 27, 2022

PERRICONE Cold Plasma line
PERRICONE Cold Plasma line

When I was in my teens the only beauty product I cared about was scent. I didn’t bother to apply moisturizer or even SPF.


In my 20s all I cared about was tanning, so much so that if a skin-lightening product was being launched, the manufacturer would not dare give me a sample because he knew I wasn’t interested in getting any lighter.


Bronzing powders, tan amplifiers and oils were my thing. Even up to now, I find myself still looking for my fave brand, Babaria. (Nope, Rustan’s hasn’t brought it back so I’m still wishing.)


Now in my 30s I have been so fixated with moisturizers that I have a couple of tubs that I alternate depending on my skin’s need. I think when it comes to moisturizers I have the Top 10 I’m really happy with.


So it seems like these past few years I have been searching for the best eye creams. The thing with eye creams is that its concern covers such a small area that I find it hard to know If the treatment is really working.


I do however have at least four eyecreams I rely on. I know products can be expensive, in fact I make sure to use the right amount to lengthen the product’s shelf life.


Luckily I sometimes receive products I love for free, such as the Perricone Cold Plasma line. For those who haven’t tried it. I should warn you in advance—it doesn’t smell like your typical beauty product. The first time I tried it I was pregnant and gave away the bottle immediately because it smelled like fish.


But every time I would see a woman with nice skin, I would learn she was using Cold Plasma, so I started using it.

Mon Parfum Cheri


Another warning is that the results are amazing so the treatment may become addictive. At this point I feel I will bear up with five minutes of unattractive odor as long as the product can

restore 10 years of my skin.


In fact I know now how to go around the smell. Right after I apply it I use a moisturizer whose smell I love to mask the “fishy” smell. I also spray on cologne.


No, there is no fish in the product but Cold Plasma smells that way because it doesn’t use perfume to mask the product. To date I have been using Perricone MD Cold Plasma before I sleep. I also use Cold Plasma Eye.


I also want to try the Photo Plasma, an anti-aging moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 30 and Cold Plasma sub-D that firms and tones the skin.


Personally I think the secret is really about listening to your skin’s needs and using products targeted for your concerns.


Annick Goutal

ANNICK Goutal’s Eau D’ Hadrien

Speaking of scents, for those who don’t know what they want for Valentine’s, why don’t they revisit the Annick Goutal counter?


I first experienced Annick Goutal’s Eau D’ Hadrien in my friend’s bathroom. We were getting ready for a party when I realized I forgot to bring cologne. For me cologne is like wearing earrings, I feel naked without it, so I sprayed on her Annick Goutal.


I remember going home and begging my mom to get me a bottle. Almost 15 years after I think it is one of the freshest classic scents around.


Aside from Eau D’ Hadrien, I also love Un Matin d’Orage, Mon Parfum Cheri  and Nuit Etoilée.


Visit Annick Goutal scents and allow yourself to fall in love again.

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