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OCTOBER 27, 2022

LA PRAIRIE’S Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection
LA PRAIRIE’S Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection

There’s a fascination with ice and freezing lately—and we’re not talking of the lauded Disney animated film “Frozen” (which, by the way, my kids didn’t like so much, for some reason).


Beauty experts have taught us that beauty treatments that use cold therapy actually stimulate circulation and not stunt it. Exposing the skin to extreme temperatures apparently has multiple benefits—from reducing wrinkles to boosting radiance.


A new kind of Botox emerged early last year, called Frotox. It is a toxin-free alternative to Botox that uses a technique called cryoneuromodulation to counter fine lines. The liquid nitrogen freezes the targeted nerves and puts them into temporary hibernation, allowing muscles to relax and wrinkles to disappear.


Cold therapy is also being used now in special facials. The Cryoderm facial emerged in Britain late 2012; the cold is used to make blood vessels contract and then dilate. This process is said to improve the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin’s external layers, making it appear more glowing and radiant.


And then there’s egg freezing, a controversial element in reproduction science, where women can preserve their fertility for the future, especially if they have to battle cancer and undergo chemotherapy (which damages a woman’s fertility heavily), or as a way to avoid genetic early menopause.


Rare discovery


La Prairie, the Swiss cosmetics brand known for its cutting-edge anti-aging solutions, has debuted a product lineup, the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection, that takes its cue from ice and cold.


The collection is said to be inspired by the rare discovery of “survivalist” plants. The purple saxifrage, for instance, is a species of tiny flowers that envelop themselves in ice crystals to outlast extremes of cold, ice and altitude, and then awaken with the warmth of spring.


The soldanella alpina, on the other hand, is a fragile bell-shaped flower that uses fuel stored in its leaves to melt a place for itself to blossom through ice (it’s like a twisted winter version of the desert cactus, if you ask me).


And the swiss snow algae, which lies dormant beneath ice in winter and survives extreme temperatures, reemerges as a crimson blanket on the surface of snow in spring.


Rich but light


The La Prairie cream is rich and glistens under the light; it melts instantly when applied to the skin. It does not feel heavy at all. It is said to renew the skin’s firmness, smoothening the appearance of wrinkles.


While some users choose to dab small amounts in circular motions around the face, I prefer to warm it in my hands first and then gently but firmly press it on my forehead, jawline, cheeks, eye area and chin.


The oil is a sheer, weightless product that supports the skin’s natural lipid barrier function. It can be used alone as a moisturizer or even as a makeup base. You can also mix one or two drops with your preferred moisturizer or BB cream.

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