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OCTOBER 27, 2022

WINNERS, “Travoltafied”

1. Adele Dazeem


WINNERS, “Travoltafied”

John Travolta either needs glasses, a dyslexia test or a sobriety test after he botched Idina Menzel’s name so badly by calling her “Adele Dazeem” (or something that sounds like it). As expected, Ms Dazeem clones immediately popped up on Twitter, including @AdelaDazeem who tweeted “Thank you, Jorn Tromolto,” which had over 27,000 retweets.


2. Your name, ‘Travoltafied’


You can join in on the fun, too, and find out what your name would be if John Travolta was reading it off an Oscars show teleprompter by logging on to Slate.com’s The Adele Dazeem Name Generator (http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/low_concept/2014/03/ john_travolta_called_idina_menzel_

adele_dazeem_what_s_your_travolta_name.html). Here are the names of the winning actors, Travoltafied: Jed Lopeez, Louisa Nicheems, Chloa Brazent and Michael Mozaleen.

PHARRELL makes the stars happy.


3. The pizza guy


It pays to be in the right place at the right time, or in the case of Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizza, it paid off to be within delivery distance of the Dolby Theater where the Oscars were held. The pizza delivery guy, Edgar Martirosyan, also owns the West Hollywood branch of the restaurant chain. Not only did he get to serve pizza to the likes of Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and other Hollywood stars, he also received a $600 tip the next day on Ellen’s show (you can watch the clip on The Ellen Show’s YouTube page). His pizza place has now been featured in various news sites and he has gotten invites from all over the world to guest in talk shows.


4. Dancing with Pharrell


What’s happier than Pharrell Williams singing “Happy?” Having three Hollywood stars—Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o and Amy Adams— dancing along with him. Naturally, the Internet won’t pass up such greatness and the clip has been immortalized into a .GIF for your repeated viewing pleasure.


5. The J. Law trip


Jennifer Lawrence won last year for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She also happened to trip on the way to claim her award, though she still looked regal tripping in that gorgeous white Dior gown. This year, she was nominated again (for best supporting actress this time) and though she didn’t win, lightning struck twice and she found herself tripping on the red carpet before the event even started.


6. Lupita vs Cinderella


Lupita Nyong’o was radiant in a pale blue custom Prada silk gown whose shade was dubbed “Nairobi Blue.” The actress paired the dress with a thin headband, allowing people to make the inevitable comparison to Cinderella. A poll of “Who wore it better?” has been going around, too.


THE HOLLYWOOD selfie, “Simpsonized”

7. Lupita’s baby brother


What’s a college freshman to do when your sister is nominated for an Oscar and asks you to accompany her? You take selfies with the other celebrity guests, that’s what. Not only did Peter Nyong’o crash the famous Hollywood selfie, he also took photos with Kevin Spacey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brangelina and John Travolta. Check out his Instagram account (@nyongolaflame) to see more of his selfies with Hollywood stars.


8. Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt


CUTE couple alert! JGL+EmmaWatson

It took only a cute bow from Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the Internet to decide that he and Emma Watson should fall in love, get married and have adorable babies with cool Levitt hair and Emma’s crisp British accent.


9. The Hollywood selfie versions


A selfie-full of Ellens, another full of Kanyes, a ‘Simpsonized’ version and more. The celeb selfie that crashed Twitter has been parodied and copied over and over again that you’re beginning to dread the first event you’ll attend in formal wear because you know someone’s going to want to do the Hollywood selfie. (People, it won’t be the same if Bradley Cooper isn’t in it.)


10. Leo memes


We really wanted Leo DiCaprio to win but Matthew McConaughey really brought an extra serving of acting chops in “Dallas Buyers Club.” Still, we hope Leo is comforted by the many “poor Leo” memes that use his various expressions from different films. One day, Leo, one day. It will happen, we know it.


11. Congratulations, Jordan Catalano


For fans of “My So-Called Life,” Jared Leto will always be cool outcast Jordan Catalano. And so it didn’t come as a surprise that when Jared won, people started tweeting their congratulations to his TV alter ego. “Who thought brooding, dreamy Jordan Catalano would end up an Oscar winner!? #congratulations”; “Who’s Jared Leto? I thought his name was Jordan Catalano”; “Jordan Catalano! I hope he leans against a locker while giving his speech.” Even “Girls” creator Lena Dunham joined the fun, tweeting, “Teenage me is sobbing tears of joy for Jordan.”

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