‘Whimsical’ vision unites two sculptors of disparate mediums | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

“CIRCUS Bike Juggler” 2, by Maria Magdamit
“CIRCUS Bike Juggler” 2, by Maria Magdamit
“CAROUSEL,” by Danny Rayos del Sol

“Whimsical Duet” features works by sculptors Danny Rayos del Sol and Maria Magdamit.


The two have come together to produce an exhibition that highlights the delicate and fanciful nature of their respective media—carved ostrich eggs for Rayos del Sol and painted ceramic stoneware for Magdamit. The result is a collection that they call “magical circus and whimsical eggs series,” which features such subjects as circus clowns, jugglers, musicians and carousels.


The collaborative work “Circus Elephant,” which has Magdamit’s elephant juggling Rayos del Sol’s carved egg, is a “consummation” of their long-intended partnership, according to the two friends who have long admired each other’s work.


The show runs until March 25 at Gallery Nine, SM Megamall. Call 9108016.