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OCTOBER 27, 2022

BART Guingona
BART Guingona

Many, if not all of us, allow an accumulation of clutter in our drawers, cabinets, closets and wherever our favorite dumping places may be.


How about our thoughts and feelings? Don’t we do the same thing? Don’t we permit negative thoughts to pile up and gather dust and rust in our hearts and minds?


I am not speaking of the useful, constructive thoughts and emotions that have taught us important lessons. I am referring to little hurts, tampo, resentments and vengeful thoughts you keep for “that day” of reckoning.


Also, conjectures in the storage room of your mind, such as: I am not good enough; I am a sinner; Life is a constant struggle; There is no justice in the world; Sex is just for procreation and not to be enjoyed; Love hurts (love never hurts, it is the ego that hurts us); Money is the root of all evil (money is neutral, it is the user that makes it good or evil); It is normal to get sick (what is normal is health); God will punish you (God does not punish, we punish ourselves with our thoughts, words and deeds); Think of the competition (there is no competition in the universe because consciousness always prevails).


Rony Rogoff



It is time for the spring-cleaning of our minds. Promise yourself today that you will release and let go of all the above destructive and corrosive concepts to make room for the creative, refreshing and life-giving ones so you can be free to establish love, abundance and peace in the mental and emotional aspects of your God-given life.


Fear, feelings of lack and limitation, disease, burdensome thoughts, feelings of unworthiness must be cleared out and be sent to the nearest garbage bin.


There are many thoughts and feelings that resonate with love, abundance and peace. Claim them now, bring them all into consciousness.


And if you find that difficult to do, act out the following:


1. Live as if every day was given to you to plan some good.


2. Live like you love everyone and everyone loves you.


3. Live like you believe that everything is working out together for good in your life.


Cherie Gil as Diana Vreeland

4. Live like God were listening to your every thought.


5. Live like you were born to be an instrument of peace, love, abundance and joy.


6. Live like every day were Christmas.


7. Live like you were living your passion.


8. Live like nothing were impossible in the world.


For those who succeed in doing these, you will find your life unfolding gloriously like never before. Love, abundance and peace will be with you all the days of your life.


Living out a dream


In “Full Gallop,” whose March 22 performance was sponsored by Inquirer Lifestyle with Bulgari and Hermes, theater enthusiasts, among the elegant set, flocked to the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of RCBC Plaza to watch Cherie Gil do a Diana Vreeland. In the audience was Gil’s former husband, international violinist Rony Rogoff, who flew in from Philadelphia to lend her moral support.


Cherie Gil

It is sheer serendipity that “Full Gallop” is presented in the Philippines in the Year of the Horse with a lead star born in the zodiac sign Gemini which, in Eastern astrology, is likewise the Horse. So, absolutely nothing could go wrong with Gil’s spectacular one-woman performance.


Furthermore, she is also on her sixth cycle of Venus, where one enjoys the luxury of being attractive and admired by others. (I will explain, in a future column, about the seven cycles everyone goes through yearly.)


If Vreeland were also in the audience that evening, she would have given Gil a standing ovation. Gil not only portrayed Vreeland so perfectly, but also made her physically lovely which was Vreeland’s frustration early in her life.


It was only after Vreeland married that she finally resolved her feelings of being unbeautiful, because one man found her alluring. Her attractiveness, however, lay in her free-spirit, her uniqueness and her wit (“fake it until you make it!”). She lived a dream, a passion that made a dent not only in the fashion world but also in the collective consciousness of creativity.


“Full Gallop” was produced by Gil herself and picked a director, Bart Guingona, who knew exactly how to bring out the best in her. The set design was by Joey Mendoza.


It was truly an evening of breathtaking theater. Two thumbs-up for everyone involved. Thank you for the experience.