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OCTOBER 27, 2022

HOW THEY met the mother (after nine years)
HOW THEY met the mother (after nine years)

The series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” last week was either a fitting end or something you truly detested.


BEST old married couple: Marshmallow and Lilypad

Known for its nonlinear structure and eccentric humor, the show received positive reviews throughout its run and gained a cult following over the years. It was nominated for 28 Emmy awards, winning nine.


After nine long years of watching the character Ted Mosby talk about his one true love, we finally got to meet her at the start of the ninth and final season of this American sitcom.


Though many fans have subscribed to a theory about Ted and the mother of his kids that the writers turned into a reality, we won’t go into details just in case you haven’t seen the finale itself.


We’ve been trying to erase the last two episodes from our brain by remembering the stuff we loved about the show. Here are our all-time favorites:

NEIL Patrick Harris made despicable Barney Stinson adorable


Barney Stinson


Maybe it’s because we love Barney the most that we hated how the whole thing ended. Barney Stinson, the playboy with a heart of gold, is a caricature of a womanizer, oftentimes offending sensibilities with his jokes. Neil Patrick Harris is just too adorable that he can make a cad look like a sweetheart. Here’s to nine years of suiting up, waiting for it, and weird but effective pickup lines.


ROBIN Sparkles

Robin Sparkles


Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a Canadian ex-pop star with fantastic hits like “Let’s Go to the Mall” and “Sandcastles in the Sand”?


The Slap Bet


The show knew how to play the long game (nine years of talking about one person!), and one of its longest pranks was the slap bet between Marshall and Barney. Just like Barney, we lived in anticipation of each slap and we’re sad to see the last slap finally delivered.


JAMES Van Der Beek as Simon Tremblay

‘The Naked Man’


No episode made us laugh so much than “The Naked Man.”


Simon Tremblay


It’s Dawson aka James Van Der Beek with a fake Canadian accent. What’s not to love?


Britney Spears


The series showed us that Britney should’ve picked a comedy when she made a movie, because she is hilarious.


Lilypad and Marshmallow


Every sitcom has to have a stable married couple, and Lily and Marshall played the sweet, loving married couple to perfection.


‘Spoiler Alert’


The classic episode about having something you never noticed pointed out to you—and have that thing bother you to extremes—was one of the show’s best ever. Josh Radnor’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Price guest-starred as Cathy, the super talkative date who ended up marrying a deaf guy.