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Taking selfie–a mental disorder?

A recent report claimed that the American Psychiatric Association has officially classified a person’s desire to take selfies as a mental disorder.


There are three levels—borderline selfitis (taking at least three photos a day without posting them online), acute selfitis (three pictures a day and posting them all on social media) and chronic selfitis (an uncontrollable urge to take selfies and posting more than six a day).


The story, picked up by news outlets, quickly went viral. Amused that the social media annoyance now has a name, selfie-hating Facebook users shared the article while selfie fans defended their right to take as many awkward photos of themselves as they can without being judged.


But the story wasn’t true. It first appeared on Adobo Chronicles, a Philippine-based parody news site.


It may not be true—and there’s a lesson there again about the need to verify before reposting—but we thought it was pretty funny.