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INNA Vitasa and her artworks

Inna Naanep-Vitasa celebrates flowers and butterflies in solo exhibit

INNA Vitasa and her artworks

Flowers and butterflies are close to Inna Vitasa’s heart. This should come as no surprise, since the artist is a gardening enthusiast.


There is nothing more inspiring for her than watching the plants she has tended grow and bloom in a profusion of colors—and to have butterflies flit about from one flower to the next.


Vitasa celebrates flowers and butterflies anew in her latest solo exhibit, “Summer Breeze,” which runs until May 26 at Art Elements Asian Gallery, 3/L, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


In her paintings, Vitasa tries to recreate images that she sees in her garden. Portraying nature’s bounty is also a form of meditation for the artist. It is a personal expression of her gratitude to God who, she says, makes such beauty possible.


“SING Praises to Him”

“Flowers and butterflies reveal the lightness of God’s spirit,” Vitasa notes. “Flowers give us simple joys as we gaze upon their beauty and enjoy their scent. Butterflies, on the other hand, are the perfect example of metamorphosis—from an ugly, crawling thing to a splendid, winged creature.”


“Summer Breeze,” timed especially for May, the month of flowers, is yet another glorious celebration of Vitasa’s favorite subjects. Adept in handling the challenging medium of watercolor, she is able to denote delicate details such as petals, leaves and tendrils in simple yet eye-catching compositions.


For her butterflies, she uses acrylic on canvas, conveying movement and texture in those fragile velvet wings. In some instances, she opts for a vertical scroll format, a nod to Chinese painting techniques.


Vitasa also continues her series on flower-pickers. Named after dear friends, these are idealized portraits of brown-complexioned women in long, flowing dresses carrying bouquets or baskets of flowers.


A certified public accountant, Vitasa has always gravitated to the visual arts. Without any formal studies, she would draw and paint on her own. Becoming the art custodian of the late National Artist Cesar Legaspi for almost seven years, she believes, was no accident. Her interaction with the master inspired her to continue honing her own artistic skills. Joining the Saturday Group further widened her exposure to the arts and enhanced her innate talent. Though focused on home-schooling her daughter, Vitasa finds time to paint and nurture her art.


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