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HAVE the confidence to bare abs this summer like Paulo Avelino. Try the Ultimate Contour formaximum body sculpting.

Paulo Avelino takes care of his skin

Always at the forefront of what (and who!) are currently making waves in the local and global scenes, Bench has established itself as the go-to source for everything hot, hip and happening.


It’s no surprise that Bench has tapped actor Paulo Avelino, one of today’s most sought-after young leading men in local show biz, to not only endorse the clothing brand but its skin and body care center, Bench Skin Expert, as well.


A product of a reality talent search TV show, Avelino has come a long way from being the boy next door to a full-fledged actor. The recently concluded TV series “Honesto” saw him in a more serious light, and his effective portrayal of a father made viewers stop and take notice.


Handsome, and with noticeably good skin, Avelino is indeed a great pick to endorse Bench Skin Expert’s services. Aware of the very good reputation of Bench Skin Expert, he cannot be happier to have a top-notch team of skin professionals to help him take care of his skin and body.


Avelino is endorsing  Infralight Hair Removal for chest and face, warts removal, Ultimate Contour, RevLite for Men, and Intensiv Hydration.


The Infralight Hair Removal makes use of the Advanced Fluorescent Technology, a new generation Intense Pulsed Light that painlessly eradicates unwanted hair.


RevLite is the next generation of Q-switched laser technology that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It stimulates collagen and reduces pore size, and is also the perfect treatment for tattoo, age spot and freckles removal.

HAVE the confidence to bare abs this summer like Paulo Avelino. Try the
Ultimate Contour formaximum body sculpting.


Ultimate Contour, a US FDA-approved technology, is a completely safe and modern cavitation system created to treat localized fat deposits and cellulite for maximum body sculpting.


The Intensiv Hydration is a standard facial treatment for all types of skin. It combines deep cleansing, skin hydration and nourishment, extraction of whiteheads and blackheads, exfoliation, relaxing face and shoulder massage, and application of imported and dermatologically developed products.


In this day and age, women aren’t only the ones  taking care of their skin. Men, too, are encouraged to make that effort to look good. Take your cue from Avelino, and try Bench Skin Expert’s wide range of services for men.


Bench Skin Expert clinic is  at Glorietta 4, tel.  6250012-13, and SM Mall of Aisa, tel. 8230356. Visit

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