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Anger against PDAF: ‘Take off that shirt!’

Need more proof that Filipinos have had it up to there with PDAF and all-around government anomalies and corruption? And that such displeasure is permeating every facet of daily life—like a tennis game, for example?


In an exclusive membership club down south, one public official charged in the PDAF scam is a member who plays a racquet sport. Thus, it’s no surprise that a resident tennis coach was given a T-shirt with the politico’s name, and he wore it one day to work.


Call it petty or karmic, up to you—but one matron who was set to play with the tennis  coach on the court declared, “I am not going to play with you until you take off that shirt.” Well, she was a client, so the coach had no choice but to change outfit.


If even his name and likeness on a T-shirt can make people’s blood boil, can you imagine how pissed people really are about the scam?





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