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OCTOBER 27, 2022

LUZ Puyat-Martel in Ramon Valera gown and Hetty Que as seen by BenCab
LUZ Puyat-Martel in Ramon Valera gown and Hetty Que as seen by BenCab





Your mantra for the week:

“Each day I am transformed to something better.”


It sounds a bit shocking when you hear the phrase, “I will put God in debt to me,” but think about how fantastic it would be if we could put God in debt to us.


Well, it can be done. Try planting as much good as you can and you will experience those moments when what you are desiring is brought to you even before you have asked. Yes, you have an answered prayer even before the prayer.


There are those who must be wondering about the specifics of planting the good. Here are a few suggestions that you can expand and improve on:


1. Do as many kind acts in a day as you can.

2. Be a peace maker instead of creating intrigues.

3. Try forgiving all those who have hurt you no matter how “justified” your feelings of anger or revenge are.

4. Release the past and really live in the now.

5. Ask yourself who you can be a blessing to today.

6. Pronounce everything good in your life.

7. Uplift and prosper as many others as you can.

8. Practice the magic of tithing—it is the Prosperity Secret of the Ages.


Your tithing money is to be given to where you get your spiritual inspiration, whether to an individual or an organization. It is totally different from giving to charity, which is a good thing, but tithing is an entirely different principle.


WENG Domingo

Catherine Ponder, world renowned author of “Prosperity and Healing,” says, “Where there is no voluntary giving, something is taken away from you. If you do not give voluntarily of your financial resources, you can expect that body ailments, financial entanglements, human-relation problems and general confusion in your affairs will follow.”


And Luke 6:38 states, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” Proverbs 3:9-10 furthermore says, “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with first fruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.”


Some religions do not teach tithing and I know why, but that’s another story. So, I suggest that, in the spirit of experimentation, try tithing anyway—do it voluntarily and with joy because truly it is an honor and privilege to be able to give.


Nonalcoholic party


Congratulations to Belen Ticson Martel for a well-orchestrated non-alcoholic birthday celebration for her beloved husband Tony, who recently turned 90.


Back in the day, dusky beauty Luz Puyat Martel had champagne flowing unceasingly, underscoring the difference in lifestyle of the two Mrs. Martels. “Luzy Baby,” as Luz was fondly called, was one of those socialite models that used to walk the ramp for Ramon Valera as in the likes of Chona Kasten, Elvira Manahan, Prissy Sison and Imelda Cojuangco.


The dramatic counterpoint of the evening was when daughter Tonette Martel said she would “pass” doing a birthday greeting for her father. I guess Tonette must still feel a bit awkward about her stepsister being named after her.


Perfectly curated


Last week, I was honored by an invitation from the gracious and lovely Hetty Que for coffee and canapes to view Paulino Que’s legendary art collection.


The first thing I noticed was the portrait of the young Fernando Amorsolo painted by his mentor Fabian dela Rosa. That alone established and set the framework for what I was about to experience.


Heather Que

As we sauntered to the living room, I was totally speechless. I had never seen so many Amorsolos collected and displayed in one area. When you are surrounded with such staggering works of art, you are filled with gratitude for the humbling experience bordering on the mystical.


The countless ivory collection alone is awesome, not to mention the collection of diggings and santo and angels. And that’s just for a breather.


The most amazing thing about this museum home is its being perfectly curated—from the five Juan Lunas to the two mural-sized Botong Franciscos, a dozen or so Ang Kiukoks and a sampling of every Filipino master. Add to that, a long line of Goashes by Damian Domingo.


Paulino Que has also started collecting pieces from the new generation of painters. I got a glimpse of a few Jigger Cruzes and Joven Mansits.


That afternoon we found out that Weng Domingo had written an article for Lifestyle Asia magazine entitled, “Dinner with Obama.” Watch out for this next society columnist. If she keeps this up, she can give Johnny Litton and Maurice Arcache a run for their money.



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