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Cheer for your school team and win an O+ Air Android phone


It’s the time of year when you must show your love of school. Why not win something for it?


2bUltimate and O+ are giving away to five lucky school diehards the O+ Air Android phones. Everyone is free to join, it doesn’t matter if your school is part of the UAAP, NCAA, WNCAA, NCAA South, etc.


Instagram a photo of you showing why you love your school team. Follow and tag us at @2bultimate and @OplusUSA.


Use the hashtags #cheerforair, #2bultimate and #OplusUSA.


Include your name, age, school and e-mail so we can contact you when you win.


Be creative with your entries and you can be one of the five lucky winners. Contest duration is from July 25 to Aug. 21.


Some cool things about the O+ Air


5” Lumi Display – Energy Saving Dual Crystal Luminescent Film


Octacore Processor with MTK 6592 Chipset that supports Android 4.4 Kitkat OS.


13 megapixel camera with peace to selfie feature that activates camera to capture images by just making a peace sign!