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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THE FACE Shop Core Seed Purifying Essence
THE FACE Shop Core Seed Purifying Essence

“Seed in Seed” is The Face Shop’s latest skincare line, harnessing five pure energies found in native seed embryos:    tone-up energy, skin texture energy, moisture energy, pore tightening and sheen energy.


Made with extracts found in native seed embryos, the purifying essence has toning, texturizing, moisturizing, pore tightening and sheen giving properties.


Core Seed Purifying Essence helps skin to be pure and clear. Beyond moisturizing, it gives skin clarity, enhancing skin resilience.


The wild soybean, where the seed extract comes from, is known as the most native wild bean, which makes it the most natural ingredient. It is grown in the wild without  genetic modifications or recombination. It also has 10 percent more protein than soybeans.


There’s the antioxidant effect: one wild bean equals 28 soybeans.