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OCTOBER 27, 2022


I am 79 years old and a widower for the past four. The first two years were unbearable. I have four children, all professionals who have families of their own. Two are in the US, the other two are staying not far from me.

More than a year ago, I met a lady much, much younger than me. She’s separated from her husband and has three kids, two professionals and one still in high school. We came to love each other. At first, her family frowned on our relationship but eventually came to accept me.

My children disapproved, though. My siblings, all eight of them, are thankful and appreciate the care and attention my lady friend is giving me—a thing my children can’t and are not doing for me.

She is instrumental in my wellness. Because of her friends and acquaintances, I got healed from a very debilitating skin ailment I endured for more than three long years. I am now completely healed.

The problem is my children, especially their spouses and children who don’t approve of our relationship. They continue to ignore her even in our family gatherings. This is hurting both of us.

I have reason to believe that the main reason for this is the properties their mother and I have acquired through the years. My partner is willing to sign a prenuptial agreement as suggested by my children, but they’re still not happy with this arrangement, though most of these properties are already in their respective names. I, of course, left something for myself, too.

My partner and I plan to get married principally to save our souls. We are working on the annulment of her marriage both in church and in court. Both sides seem favorable.

How can I win back the love and concern of my children and my apos without sacrificing my relationship with her? I am really stressed, dismayed and disappointed with how my children are treating her.

Old Man In Love

There’s one word for your children’s attitude toward you and your girlfriend: greed. You’ve already given them their share of the pie, yet they’re still eyeing the little that’s left on your plate, something necessary for your subsistence.

They clearly want everything, including that sliver lest you leave that to her. Wow, talk of insatiable! This is short of pushing you out on the streets to starve while waiting for your death! They’re probably hoping that you’d blink and give her up.

What are you waiting for? You’re 79, for heaven’s sake! What more are you waiting for to save your souls? A blessing from the Pope? Knock on wood, but anything can happen anytime, anywhere and that beautiful tomorrow you’re planning with your girlfriend may never come. How much more quality time on earth do you think you’ve left to enjoy life?

Love your children to death, but don’t expect it to be mutual anymore based on the way they’re treating you. Leave these ingrates be. You’ve done your bit for them. Enough is enough. Do whatever you want to do. Life is very short, in case you haven’t heard. Don’t make it any shorter.

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