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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Guest speaker and Tagaytay resident Cathy Turvill shared her experiences on living in Tagaytay. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/Avida

MANILA, Philippines—Tagaytay continues to be one of the country’s most favored leisure destination. With its year-round cool climate, idyllic atmosphere, and rustic charm, Tagaytay has become an ideal getaway from the fast-paced and frenzied life in the metropolis.

It’s no surprise that, through the years, more and more people are choosing to stay in Tagaytay. Whether it’s weary urbanites searching for a weekend of escape from the daily grind of city living or retirees looking for a quiet place to settle, living and owning a property in Tagaytay has become a dream for many.

Living in Tagaytay

What makes living in Tagaytay so appealing is having that laid-back rural way of life without losing all the modern conveniences of a progressive city. In Tagaytay, one can easily find a bounty of organic fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish and meats. Similarly, modern hospitals, world-class hotels, and premiere malls are just as easily within reach.



Guest speaker and Tagaytay resident Cathy Turvill shared her experiences on living in Tagaytay. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/Avida



Guest speaker Cathy Turvill, co-owner and president of Nurture Wellness Village and a longtime Tagaytay resident, shared the different nuances of living in Tagaytay. This includes different lifestyle activities such as first-class dining. Gourmet chefs from all over the world, who found residence in Tagaytay, has put up businesses that shaped Tagaytay’s unique culinary character—authentic gourmet dishes with a farm-to-table concept, using local organic ingredients harvested from Tagaytay farms and gardens.

As a certified wellness specialist, Turvill also noted the relaxing lifestyle offerings of Tagaytay such as abundant spa destinations and numerous nature parks, which serves as a perfect backdrop for wellness activities such as walking, yoga and biking.

“People go to Tagaytay to find their center […] corporate urbanites that left the hustle and bustle of the city to do something that they’ve always loved. If you want to live, come to Tagaytay,” she says.

A glimpse into Tagaytay life

With Tagaytay’s endless array of lifestyle offerings, Avida Land has come up with a magazine that truly captures the country charm of Tagaytay. “Stay Tagaytay” magazine promises to give its readers a glimpse into that distinct Tagaytay experience.



Leading the unveiling of Stay Tagaytay magazine were (from left): Tess Tatco, Avida Marketing Head; Cathy Turvill, Nurture Wellness Village; Bing Gumboc, Head of Sales and Marketing; Jonathan Choi, Magnum Opus Coffee.



“Living in such an idyllic place is truly something that everyone aspires to. With Stay Tagaytay, we present a new way of experiencing and maximize their Tagaytay stay—the latest dining establishments, wellness sanctuaries tucked in the countryside and go-to places for families and the young at heart. With so many things to look forward to in Tagaytay, we also show our readers how they can decorate and style their space using local artisan pieces and how to make the most out of their unit here,” says Tess Tatco, Avida marketing head.

Tagaytay’s coffee culture

One of the many distinctive Tagaytay lifestyle activity featured in the magazine is Tagaytay’s coffee culture. Undoubtedly, Tagaytay has become the country’s foremost destination for serious coffee drinkers.

To give the public a taste of this weekend country life and to celebrate the launch of the magazine, Avida held a special coffee curation and appreciation event. Led by Jonathan Choi, owner of Magnum Opus Fine Coffee, guests were treated to a coffee tasting followed by a latte art demonstration.



Jonathan Choi, owner of Magnum Opus Fine Coffee, during a latte art demonstration. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/Avida



During the cupping and coffee tasting session, Choi gave tips on how you can be a coffee connoisseur: “Step one is to approach the coffee and smell the dry grounds. Then you grab a cupping spoon and push aside the wet grounds. Spoon a sample of coffee into a paper cup and slurp. Slurping helps aerate the coffee and makes it taste better.”

The rise in demand for artisan coffee is due to the market’s desire to have coffee that they want instead of coffee that they need, Choi saod.  In Tagaytay in particular, coffee is no longer commodity, but a way of life. It is not just about drinking coffee. It’s sharing the experience, the ambiance, with people you love. It’s this unique culture that makes living in Tagaytay truly special.

Living in Serin

To give Filipinos an access to this wonderfully idyllic Tagaytay lifestyle, Avida developed Serin West Tagaytay. Envisioned to be a relaxing haven, Serin West Tagaytay is the company’s first project in a leisure destination. The mixed-use, integrated residential development consists of two mid-rise residential towers and one low-rise building ideal as a home for weekenders, families and retirees.

In conclusion Tatco says, “With Serin West Tagaytay, we offer our residents a contemporary yet country style lifestyle.  Here, they can completely relax and experience the full breadth of tranquility that only living in Tagaytay can offer.”

To find out more about Serin West Tagaytay, call (632) 848-5200, visit www.avidaland.com or the Avida Showroom Glorietta (2/F, Glorietta 4) to see Serin West Tagaytay model units.




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