Girls go for their goals in a Dreamstarter Fair | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sunsilk takes its campaign of inspiring girls to write their new, fun-filled and inspiring stories in its first ever Dreamstarter Fair on Oct. 3 at Trinoma Activity Center. To join, simply bring an empty bottle of Sunsilk Strong and Long (or six sachets of the variant) and present it upon registration.


First stop in the fair is the Pop-up Salon, where the tresses of “hairkada” are pampered using Sunsilk Strong and Long plus other products from the line. From here, it’s off to Hairkada Talks where Julia Montes shares stories of success. Industry experts pitch in with career how-to’s, from resumé-writing and power dressing to skill set upgrading.


Take a Chance Wall features a montage of statements ranging from silly to downright daring, to inspire girls to broaden their horizons. The rest of the fairgrounds is dedicated to a mix of activities catering to those who are into baking, jewelry-making and makeup.


Look out for Sunsilk’s roving fairs in Cebu and Davao.


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