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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dr. Kristine C. Reyes,MD
Dr. Kristine C. Reyes,MD
Dr. Kristine C. Reyes,MD

The team behind Luminisce, the new couture beauty treatment clinic on the block, believes that a multidimensional, holistic approach to skincare is the secret to looking good inside and outside. A healthy mind and spirit, combined with expert advice and the latest innovation in skincare technology, will translate to radiant skin.


“This is not just about aesthetics. I believe that if you’re healthy inside, it will reflect in your skin,” said Dr. Kristine C. Reyes, MD, co-owner and skin and laser specialist at Luminisce.


Reyes said that while the holistic side of the clinic is not yet fully operational, it will soon offer complementary medicine specific to the wellness demands of a patient’s health, such as acupuncture, pranic healing, homeotherapy and more.


As a young intern, Reyes trained under Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, former Secretary of Health and one of the country’s leading holistic healers. The experience opened her eyes to complementary medicine.




When she finally opened Luminisce two years ago, the United Kingdom-trained Reyes aimed to integrate holistic healing with services that are often perceived, justly or wrongly, as superficial vanities.


A heavy young man in his early 20s, for instance, once sought her clinic for a weight-loss program. Instead of recommending a full-on treatment that would cost the young man’s family at least P20,000 per session, Reyes studied the patient’s psychological profile, and decided it would be best to treat his depression first.


“I couldn’t just treat the physical aspect; I wanted to heal him. The procedure will be effective, but the program will fail because the problem will keep coming back,” Reyes said.


Reyes said the depression level of someone with acne is equal to that of someone with cardiovascular disease. “What’s in your face will have an effect on your mind. It is important to find a balance, and to change the way you look at yourself,” she said.


For some patients, however, changing how they look at themselves takes on a more literal meaning. For that, Luminisce offers noninvasive, nonsurgical facial contour treatments. Facial contouring can actually change your physical appearance. You no longer have to stick with the face you were born with.


Plastic surgery is a thing of the past, Reyes said. She steers clear of all treatments that require surgery. (Patients with bone problems, however, will be referred to a surgeon.)




Reyes said Luminisce uses hyaluronic acid for its facial contouring services. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, cultured in laboratories, and injected into the skin for filling and contouring.


Hyaluronic acid can also help eliminate or significantly minimize wrinkles, as the skin is lifted and becomes fuller. In therma-lift, heat goes to the subdermis to break the collagen. The skin will contract, Reyes said, giving it a tighter look.


The clinic uses the latest laser technology that goes deep into the subdermis, stimulating the collagen to promote its growth. The subdermis is the third and deepest layer of the skin, after the epidermis and dermis. It’s where the collagen fibers are found.


LUMINISCE uses the only US FDAapproved laser machine that can remove even stretch marks PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU
LUMINISCE uses the only US FDA approved laser machine that can remove even stretch marks PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU

“What we have in the clinic is the only US FDA-approved laser machine that can remove even stretch marks. Stretch marks are similar to scars.”


It usually takes 10 monthly sessions to get the full effects of nonsurgical facelift treatment. Contouring is done gradually over time so that when the procedure is done, the final changes in the face won’t be jarring.


The effects, Reyes said, will last up to two years, depending on one’s lifestyle. Tattoo, age spots, and freckles removal can be done in one or two sessions.


Other clinics may use the same procedure but not the same laser machine, Reyes said. Besides, she added, there are many techniques on how to use the laser, so the success of the procedure will also rely on the doctor’s training and skills.


The clinic also offers MaxG for treating sun-damaged skin like melasma, freckles, dark spots, and other hyperpigmentation, and vascular conditions such as spider veins and port wine stains (discolored birthmarks); Lux 1540 for scars, stretch marks, deep wrinkles, stubborn cellulites, acne scars, and uneven, discolored skin; Lux R for removing unwanted hair permanently; Spectra XT, the all-in-one skin solution for pore reduction, tattoo removal, acne and erythema treatment, skin rejuvenation, and even nail fungus.


Luminisce 2/F Mercury Drug Building, across St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City, 32nd Street corner 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; tel. 5118500

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