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OCTOBER 27, 2022

For our May-June 2017 issue, we interviewed six different personalities in an attempt to get a comprehensive look of what makes Filipino street style today. The answer? The same answer as it has always been: There’s nothing like a strong sense of style that comes with a strong sense of self.

But of course, there are global trends that have made their way to Manila’s streets. How do these trends interact with the stylish youth of today? Find out here:

Jullia, 27

Name: Jullia
Instagram: @julliagoolia
Age: Young at 27
Occupation: Editorial content planner

What’s your personal style? My style depends on my mood but mostly anything loose (yes, including pambahay!)
What are you wearing? My fave jumper worn as trousers, top stolen from my sister’s closet, and Fred Perry shoes (for my inner mod)

How are you feeling right now? Hungry but comfortable and fashionable. LOL
Who are your style inspirations? Teddy girls in the ‘50s and lolas of Japan

LA, 24

Name: Alexis/LA/Le Axis Le Human
Instagram: @leaxis.lehuman
Age: 24
Occupation: Emcee/rapper/street hustler

What’s your personal style? Street style mostly, but I love wearing my own designs the most.
What are you wearing? Beastism Security hat, hoop earring and black iced out panther pendant, Gucci gold watch, BAPE jersey, personalized cargo pants, Paces & Faces belt, and Bapesta shoes

How are you feeling right now? I can’t feel my face. I feel like I’m walking on the runway. Most of all, I feel like Pablo.
Who are your style inspirations? Animé, UK and Russian street style, KOHH, Ian Connor, tito style, Camron, Jeric Naval, NIGO

Ry, 25

Name: Ryan Melgar
Instagram: @melgz
Age: 25
Occupation: Illustrator

What’s your personal style? I wear anything comfy.
What are you wearing? Gosha Rubchinskiy T-shirt, Uniqlo khaki jacket and pants, and classic Puma suedes

How are you feeling right now? Fine :)
Who are your style inspirations? Korean Oppas lol

Aijalonica, 17

Name: Aijalonica Lei, but I’ll respond faster if you yell “dogs!”
Instagram: @vectortears
Age: 17
Occupation: Beside being a full-time procrastinator, I guess I’m kind of a multi-hyphenate because I do lotsa stuff.

What’s your personal style? I just want it to be fun and experimental all the time. I’m young and I’m prone to imperfection but it’s all good as long as I’m having fun with myself :)
What are you wearing? Knit top from Androgyne, tennis skirt from AA, jacket from Heart Club, choker from eBay, aaand adidas Superstars! I was gonna wear platforms… but I’ll just give it up for days when I feel extra.

How are you feeling right now? ~ M A I N I T ~ (but still super happy)
Who are your style inspirations? #1 right now is @coco_pinkprincess on Instagram! Besides her, I’m sooo into Joanna Kuchta. Jovel Gomez, and Kiko <3

Flo, 26

Name: Florian Trinidad
Instagram: @floriantrinidad
Age: 26
Occupation: Stylist

What’s your personal style? Street—more sporty, very ‘90s
What are you wearing? Staple bucket hat, BAPE shirt, Super-X Sportswear jogging pants, adidas Gazelle shoes

How are you feeling right now? I feel fine. This is normally how I dress. Comfort is still a top priority but I can’t forget about my overall look.
Who are your style inspirations? Christine Paik, Princess Nokia, Aaliyah, TLC, Mini Swoosh, Alexandra Hackett

Raniel, 19

Name: Raniel Moraleta (brainspread)
Instagram: @brainspread
Age: 19
Occupation: Entrepreneur

What’s your personal style? It depends on my mood but definitely, I always have on clothes that have stories, clothes I’m relaxed in, clothes that take inspiration from stuff I like.
What are you wearing? Wednesday headband and cropped hoodie, Most High Co. shirt (underneath), The Starving Artist and Pushtrak pins, thrifted pants (that I’d like to be longer), and Bapestas

How are you feeling right now? Comfortable. I always wear clothes I’m comfy in.
Who are your style inspirations? ‘80s and ‘90s movie characters, 35VISIONARY, Bryan Sochayseng


This story originally appeared in Scout Magazine May – June 2017 and has been edited for web.

Photography by Grace de Luna
Makeup by Janica Balasolla (for Aijalonica and Jullia)
Special thanks to Lex Celera, Alexandra Mascenon, Ivan Cocjin, and Pis Trinidad

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