Tanya Escaler Rivierre showcases her ‘obsession with rings’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tanya EscalerArtist Tanya Escaler Rivierre has been in the art scene’s radar for handcrafted jewelry. Her latest collection reveals her obsession with rings.


“The Jewelry of Tanya Escaler started with the passion to create a work of art in the form of a ring for myself,” she says. “I’m a self-taught designer and painter. I handcrafted beaded and silver neckpieces back in the early 2000s and carried my designs in  Mundi,  a shop which I owned in Boracay, where I lived for three years. I would travel around Asia and the Philippines to find beads and silver for my jewelry, and statement pieces for the shop.”


Since then, Tanya has been waiting for the perfect time and partner to collaborate with.


“I lacked the skill and talent in handcrafting my own pieces myself, so I put jewelry designing on hold when I moved back to Manila. I made the decision to let life happen. Then all the stars aligned. I started to design again for myself. The first piece I made was my wedding ring. I wanted a piece of jewelry, a ring for myself that I could not find in antique shops or jewelry stores.”


For her, these pieces of jewelry are little pieces of art on living mannequins.   “I love how intimate accessories and jewelry are on a woman’s body.”


The new collection focuses on the polarities of life, hence the title, “Black and White” or “Noir et Blanc” in French. “It’s in the inspiration of it all or in the stillness of it all.” All the designs will be available in either black or white diamonds. The major pieces include Tanya’s signature designs: Vous; The Past, The Present, The Future; The Mother and Child; and Vie.


“I designed my first collection to be my signature pieces, the classics. The succeeding collections are inspired by the arts and by my passions, by life and love. I hope that my pieces are the kind that someone has been longing for but could not find. I hope that my pieces inspire and touch lives; that they mean something to someone, as much as they mean something to me.”


This very personal collection can be viewed on www.tanyaescaler.com and will be available at the new collective this December in Cura V, Rockwell, the lifestyle concept store.