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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MANILA, Philippines — For growing and developing school-aged children, Vitamin C provided in the right amount help strengthen the immune system by preventing the immune cells from being damaged when carrying out this function.

Parents should also take note that there are numerous reasons why a strong immune system is important for kids.

Firstly, it can help keep viral infections like cough and cold at bay. When kids are always healthy, they are usually happy as they do not miss playtime with friends and other fun activities, both at home and in school.

Secondly, a strong immune system will help enable kids to perform better academically, as they are less likely to be absent from school.

Identifying symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency is, in fact, easy to recognize. Its symptoms may include bleeding gums and poor dental condition, joint and muscle pain, easy bruising, poor healing of wounds, and even dry hair and skin. If these symptoms are neglected, these can all lead to a serious medical condition called scurvy.

However, parents need not panic because various Vitamin C-rich products that are readily available in the market can/may help reduce the risk to Vitamin C deficiency.

Help overcome Vitamin C deficiency with milk

To keep children safe and away from Vitamin C deficiency, parents must help nourish their kids with a balanced diet that will supply their little ones’ with much needed nutrients. A drink that goes best with their daily meals is the reformulated BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink (PMD), every glass with 100% Vitamin C plus high levels of Iron & Zinc, recommended for kids’ daily intake.

A typical Filipino breakfast*, for example, is rice, hotdog, and egg, which contains 0% Vitamin C. But, when complemented with 1 glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink, nutrient delivery especially on Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C increases.



Nutrients Rice + Egg + Hotdog Rice + Egg + Hotdog + Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink
Iron 44% 77%
Zinc 47% 79%
Vitamin C 0% 100%
Protein 45% 58%
Energy 34% 45%
Calcium 13% 58%
Vitamin A 45% 86%

*Reference: 2002 Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes. Food and Nutrition Research Institute, DOST; 2008 National Nutrition Survey. Food and Nutrition Research Institute, DOST; Food Composition Table. Food and Nutrition Research Institute, DOST; Nutrient Database for Standard References. USDA.


With BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink, gearing up your children for a nutrition-packed and fun-filled childhood becomes an easy task. So, help nourish them with balanced meals and a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink every day! advt