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OCTOBER 27, 2022

IN ANTICIPATION of One Direction’s upcoming concert on March 21 and 22 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, we ask the menfolk: What is the first thing that pops into your head at the mere mention of the UK boy band?

Do you think of them as just five annoyingly good-looking guys brought together for the purpose of catering to the teenybopper market? Do you consider their records and music videos cheesy pop songs carefully crafted to capture the teen market?

One Direction may be all of these and more, but for our purposes, we dare declare our admiration of the band, especially as fashion trendsetters.

It might seem like a comical thing to bring up, but for those of us who are devoid of any fashion sense, the band can serve as a good reference point for what to wear, or even what haircuts to get.

Whether you’re looking for a more laidback approach or suiting up for formal gatherings, each member has his own distinct style, giving you various options to model yourself after.

Keeping it casual

NIALL HORAN  Illustrations by Natasha Ringor
NIALL HORAN Illustrations by Natasha Ringor

Not into anything too extravagant or complicated? Niall Horan is perhaps the group’s most casual dresser, and could serve as a great starting point for styling ideas. Often seen in bright-colored round-neck shirts with rolled-up sleeves, occasionally layered underneath unbuttoned solid-colored or plaid dress shirts, jeans and sometimes sporting a baseball cap, Niall’s vibrant personality definitely reflects his sense of style.

The bad boy


In search of something a little bit more rock’n’roll? Look no farther than Zayn Malik. The singer fills the archetypal rugged “bad boy” image. Whether it’s his personal style or an image that the record label has crafted for him, he undoubtedly looks the part: dark jackets of denim and leather or hoodies, matched with neutral shirts underneath, sometimes with prints related to classic rock bands, and skinny jeans. Zayn’s style is definitely the edgiest in the band.



Prim, proper, fancy and dapper—what other adjectives can aptly describe 1D’s Liam Payne? Though it’s true that the whole band does appear in suits on occasion, no one wears it as frequently and as elegantly as Liam. And if he’s not rocking a suit and tie, then he’s most definitely dressed in very stylish, smart casual outfits.



If there’s one member in the group who has the most unique sense of style, that recognition goes to Louis Tomlinson. The band’s most diligent songwriter can wear the strangest combination of clothes and still manage to pull it off. Whether he’s wearing suspenders on top of a modest combination of shirt and jeans or donning a fine gray blazer with contrasting, brightly-colored casual clothes, he effortlessly carries it off with an air of sophistication.



Looking for something simple yet stylish? Look no farther than Harry Styles. One Direction’s frontman is normally content wearing loose-fitting long sleeved shirts or sweaters, complemented by tight skinny jeans and brown boots of either suede or leather. Fancy footwear aside, his style is unmistakably laidback and yet very elegant at the same time.

It would be a massive overstatement to label them fashion icons, but whether they are on the set of music videos, on stage at concerts, or simply going out and about, the One Direction boys can always be expected to rock stylish outfits, and that is something to admire and imitate for those of us who are unfortunately naïve when it comes to the intricacies of men’s fashion.

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