11 tips on controlling aging | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

With all the invasive and noninvasive procedures available in the market, looking old is almost a sin. But there are people who are scared to join the bandwagon just yet. Luckily, there are many beauty products that can revive dull-looking skin and keep wrinkles at bay. Here are some of them.

1 Take care of your eyes. Don’t wait for wrinkles to appear around the eyes. When it comes to eye cream it’s never too early to use one. The skin around the eye does not contain any oil glands so eye creams are a must, especially since makeup, the sun, and other factors can speed up aging.

Eye creams are formulated to provide moisture and protection to the skin cells around our eyes. Some eye creams are so good they educe the appearance of visible lines and remove dark circles and puffiness. Try: Eye Concentrate by La Mer.

2 Fake that glow. Dehydrated skin and late night outs take away the skin’s natural luster, so fake it. Illuminating powders will make your skin look healthy; they even out your skin tone through light reflectors that give your skin a flawless finish. Try: Guerlain Meteorites or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.

3 Pamper your skin. A good foundation will not only make you look like you have clear skin, but will also provide moisturizing and protection against the sun. Try: Becca Foundation.

4 Plump up your lips. Thinking of getting collagen fillers on your lips?  As we age our lips get thinner; this is the reason why plump lips are associated with youth and good health. There are products available that will help make your lips fuller and it’s just one swipe away, no needles and no pain. Try: Smashbox O-Gloss

5 Grow your brows. The thinner your brows the older you will look, this is a fact. But the good news is, brows are in. Plucking tugs onto the skin and will eventually make the skin above your eyes sag faster. If you find that having your brows full is too intense you may soften it by using MAC’s brow set. It will lighten your brows while keeping them in shape.

6 Go for a serum. Do you need laser treatments to help tighten your pores, even out your skin tone, and get back the vibrancy of your skin? Then Lancome Visionnaire is the product you’ve been looking for. This serum is made of the tinniest molecules and is easy for our skin to absorb. I call it my laser treatment in a bottle. It also has a nice light scent.

7 Give your hair a boost.   As we age our hair gets thinner and need specific care. Dull thin hair is a sign of aging. Phytodensium Anti-Aging Shampoo gives strength and vitality to aging hair. It has all the ingredients that will boost the hair and slow down aging.

8 Help your hand. Don’t allow your hands to give your age away. Just as you should make it a habit to moisturize and apply SPF on your face, you should also pamper your hands. Constant washing and application of alcogel will age the hands faster then the face. Help keep its youth by applying cream as needed. Try: Neutrogena hand cream or L’Occitane hand lotion.

9 Remember your neck. The most important area for detecting the first signs of aging is sadly one of the most neglected, the neck. There are different procedures you can have done if you are experiencing “turkey neck,” but these can be very pricey. Prevention is key. Some suggest using retinoid cream on the neck area since it can help rebuild elastin and collagen resulting to a smoother firmer neck. But the best is not to forget your neck when using facial masks and moisturizers. Try: Murad Resurgence Rejuvinating Lift for Neck and Decollete.

10 Out with the old. SPF and moisturizing are a must, and so is exfoliating.  The outer layer of our skin consists of dead skin cells, and our skin creates new cells everyday. Exfoliating prevents the build-up of old skin, which is dull and coarse. Exfoliating helps bring out fresh youthful skin and even makes for better absorption for beauty products. Give way to new skin by exfoliating. Try:  Obagi exfoliant or Kiehl’s exfoliating scrub.

Mega White Smile

One part of aging is the yellowing of the teeth. This is caused by the thinning of the enamel. But we also contribute to it without our knowing. Bad habits such as smoking is the number one cause for stained teeth. The rest is our day to day activities such as drinking teas, soda, and coffee. The dentist would recommend using e a straw to reduce exposure to these staining beverages, but it takes getting used to. Lasers whitten teeth but is very expensive. Regular brushing with a whitening tooth paste may be the easiest way to slowdown this process. Try Colgate Total Toothpaste Plus Whitening Gel.