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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The United Nations (UN) believes in the power of the youth to change the world and aims for the youth to help overcome challenges facing humankind.

The UN launched the “International Year of Youth” in August 2010, and as part of the culmination of the celebration, it is mounting the “I am Change” sandpaper artwork exhibit at the University of the Philippines Vargas Museum until Oct. 31.

The artworks were done by the youth, for the youth, to promote good values and their capabilities to change the world.

Why is it important for the youth to celebrate values? I asked for the thoughts of Tims Bargas, a youth coordinator of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University (BKWSU). BKWSU is an NGO in consultative status with the UN, which teaches universal values and spiritual skills.

“Young people have power and the money to do great things,” said Bargas. “But instead of being the world changers the youth should be, they are ‘asleep’ and do not solve the world problems that they should face.”

According to Bargas, the youth are easy targets of the materialistic world. “It asks them to buy a lot of material stuff, like gadgets,” she says.

“The current gadgets later become obsolete, and they are again asked to buy newer ones. They do not find contentment in this cycle.”

Something better

Bargas reminds us with words reminiscent of The Little Prince’s “What’s important is what’s invisible to the eye.”

“What’s important is what’s eternal and internal.” She stresses values and relationships. “Those are the things that matter because we can take them with us in the end,” she says.

Bargas urges people to turn away from materialism.

“They must be awakened from their slumber and channel their power and strength into what’s worthwhile, and be changers of the nation,” she says.

“It’s frequently said that the best time to be spiritual is when you are old and have enjoyed the world,” Bargas says. “But the youth must pursue spirituality while they are young because that is the time that they can change the world the most.”

Writing on the wall

If you decide to be a world changer, you may want to have your decision written on the wall. You’ll find a “How can I be the change?” wall at the exhibit, where you can write ways to contribute to world change. You can also take a look at the beautiful sand paper artworks. Although they do not have big and majestic sized works, I find them very inspiring.

At the exhibit’s opening, a student sang Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” The lyrics couldn’t have been more appropriate: ” “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

During the opening of the exhibit, Bargas urged the audience to recite the inspiring phrase:

“When I change, the world changes.” Do take time think about how you’re going to (positively) change. Who knows, you could just well be a world changer. And why don’t you make a sand paper artwork along the way to inspire others or post it on the wall while you are at it?

Gideon Isidro graduated with a degree in BS Chemistry from De La Salle University-Manila.

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