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Babeth, Yeshua has overcome; so shall you

My Friend Will


By Mila D. Aguilar


She passed out,

My friend did,

To be shown

Heaven on earth.


Air cleared

Leaves sprouting


Beast gone.


What a sight

It was! People


Ear to ear


As they saw

Each other

On the street,

And not only



She will return

To tell us

About it.


My friend will

Wake up

To tell us

About it.


Facebook status and photo of Rolly Fernandez when he thanked those who wished his wife and family well:


“My family and I thank friends and other family members who came to root for my wife Babeth. That is her painting behind me, her gift to our grandchild Kai on her first birthday. Babeth e-mailed this photo and calls it perfect for TBT because I am “kainis guwapo!” She is gaining strength and is blogging again. It has been a month since her confinement. We give glory to God that she has emerged renewed.”