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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Cristalle Belo Henares
Cristalle Belo Henares
Cristalle Belo Henares

She may have grown up as the daughter of a beauty mogul and a radio station owner, but Cristalle Belo Henares is not content to sit in her parents’ shadow. The beauty entrepreneur in-the-making is slowly developing her own unique style vision and voice.

Cristalle is the sum of the best parts of her dad, NU 107 founder Atom Henares, and mom, cosmetic surgeon  Vicki Belo. She got her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit and her dad’s charisma. 

“I’m more of a collaborative person,” she says. “My way of motivating my team is by giving them a voice. It’s definitely not a one way street when it comes to my management style. I say, put it out there and we will filter it together.”

Belo Essentials Whitening Face Wash
Belo Essentials Whitening Face Wash

As managing director for Belo Essentials, the consumer arm of Belo Medical Group, Cristalle is in her element. Behind the scenes, she is a compassionate employer, smart strategist and genuine friend. Her pursuit of excellence has made her step out of the shadow of her famous parents, becoming a great asset to the Belo subsidiary.

Backstage Pass speaks to the 32-year-old to find out her next big moves.

Standout strategy

My mantra or philosophy at work… is to have fun! Keep doing it if your heart is in it. If not, it will be mechanical and the product will lose its soul.

When it comes to personal goals, on the horizon for 2016 is… to graduate from my Entrepreneurial Master’s Program in MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology].

If there is one valuable lesson I’ve learned working for my mom, it’s… never stop learning. There’s always something innovative, a different perspective, or something new to explore.

My father has influenced my line of work by… encouraging me to take up Management. (I had originally wanted to be a teacher or an interior designer.) Learning the different aspects of business management made me well-equipped to face the world in general.

The best compliment my mom ever gave me was… that Belo Essentials and her dream of giving Filipinos high-quality but affordable skin care products would not be possible without me.

The last completely awesome thing I did was… dive in the open sea of the Bahamas with tiger sharks.

The stupidest thing I did for love… is get into a long distance relationship. But hey, it’s the best one I’ve ever had!

I’m on a constant search for… something that can help the less fortunate in our country. My friends and I already started creating a solution by putting up a chain of schools called MovEd, providing pre-school education to underserved communities in Bicol, Navotas and Pasig.

Glow boosters

My most recent fashion purchase is… my YAY designs wrap, which is a big shawl with snaps. I can style myself 12 different ways by snapping away. (Available in Rustan’s)

Products that are a staple in my bathroom are…

Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Face Wash: It’s in gel form so it’s gentle on the skin. My skin is oily, so this helps decrease the oiliness. (Available in supermarkets and drugstores)

ZO Cebatrol Oil Control Pads:  I apply this after washing my face to remove oil and dirt from pores and take away dead skin. (Available in Belo Medical Group)

ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish:  I use this twice a week. It contains ultra-fine magnesium crystals that mechanically exfoliate dead skin from the surface. It’s like a Powerpeel at home. (Available at Belo Medical Group)

Belo Sun Expert SPF40: Sunblock a day keeps the wrinkles away. I use it every day because it’s the best antiaging product!

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink: Not really found in the bathroom but it’s a powder I mix with my coffee every day to make my skin firmer, nails stronger and hair thicker.

I have an obsession with…  looking like I’m using as little makeup as possible. I use brands like Guerlain, Nars, Shisheido and Happy Skin.

I enjoy the scents of… Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. I was actually named after Chanel Cristalle because it was my mom’s favorite scent when I was born. I also like Bulgari Omnia Indian Garnet. Justin (my boyfriend) bought it for me because it had orange packaging and orange is my favorite color. Now I’m absolutely in love with the scent.

Best in shade

Try Cristalle’s minimal makeup look, using one of her trusted brands, Shiseido, which recently launched Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil (P2,200)—a powdery yet creamy blush that blends easily for a natural, rosy glow. With an array of five colors and five textures in a single block, you can easily use it to add a little color to your cheeks and face. It gives a natural rosy complexion and elegant luster from within to the cheeks. 

For lips, Shiseido launched the Dramatic Melting Rouge (P1,150)—a beauty oil-based rouge in pastels that give you rich and moist ladylike lips.  (Available in Shiseido boutiques and counters nationwide)

SHISEIDO Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil
SHISEIDO Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil