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OCTOBER 27, 2022


“No strenuous workouts, no fad diets, no surgery.” When Marie France opened in the Philippines in 1985 championing such an innovative approach to slimming, people could not help but take notice. It was during a time when people equated losing weight to either dubious quick fixes or extreme methods that demanded too much willpower, time, and money.

As the pioneer in non-invasive slimming technology in the Philippines, it was the first centre to introduce a scientific approach to weight-loss, revolutionizing women’s perspective on weight-loss and wellness.

The Marie France Story

MR. ROBIN HORSMAN, Director, Marie France Group of Companies
MR. ROBIN HORSMAN, Director, Marie France Group of Companies

Mr. Robin Horsman, Director of the Marie France Group of Companies, looks back at Marie France’s first few years in the Philippines. “When we first started here, we were the first ones to introduce body wraps (FMS – Fat Mobilization System). There wasn’t anything like it in the industry at the time. And then we also started bringing in the slimming machines and that was when things really started to take off.”

But things were just about to get bigger—in 2006, Marie France brought together two major star powers, the highly-successful UltraShape machine and the inimitable Dawn Zulueta. Mr. George Siy, President of the Marie France Group of Companies affirms, “We got UltraShape in 2006 and we got Dawn Zulueta as an endorser on the same year. The business went from being good to being fantastic.”

MR. GEORGE SIY, President, Marie France Group of Companies
President, Marie France Group of Companies

He fondly recalls, “The UltraShape was so new and we were the only ones offering it. At first, we bought just one machine. Within that first month, our first centre in Makati was bursting at the seams with all the appointments! We couldn’t get a new machine any quicker. And there were people who signed up for it that didn’t get a treatment for two months! The machine was literally running from 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night.”

But that’s not to say that everyone was lining up for Marie France. “Initially, there was also some skepticism because we sold our treatments as a full course. It was an unusual concept here 30 years ago,” says Mr. Horsman. “People wanted to know why they couldn’t just pay for a treatment on each time they came in. Our reason for that is, if you’ve committed to it and you’ve paid for it, you are far more likely to go to your treatments. Otherwise, it’s easy to keep putting it off. And that way, of course, you don’t get results.”

He adds, “I think part of the skepticism was also that we were a foreign company. There weren’t that many at the time. Some have come here, scammed people, and were gone. So some people were like, “Well, how do I know you’re going to be here next week?” They were worried that when they left the centre, we were going to close up, put the money in a suitcase, and run to the airport!”

As the group grew, more centres were opened, more treatments were introduced, more weight-loss success stories were made, and so Marie France gained its market’s trust. Needless to say, the competition was quaking in the boots. “I remember a time when this one slimming company copied everything we did,” Mr. Horsman shares. “During those early, early days, a mistake had slipped in one of our ads and since that company copied everything that we did, they copied the mistake too! You could imagine how funny that was! But literally, whatever we ran, two weeks later, there was their version of the same thing. They made the fatal mistake of trying to do what we did without understanding it.”

Many years and many slimming breakthroughs later, fast forward to 2015: Marie France remains a leading and trusted name in non-invasive slimming as it marks its 30th year in the Philippines. It has evolved, now no longer just offering weight-loss treatments but also body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite smoothening. It has helped countless women achieve slimmer, shapelier, and healthier bodies without pain, strain, hunger, or surgery. A game changer that helped build the foundations for the slimming industry in the Philippines as we know it today.

Weight Loss That Works

Marie France first became known for its primary weight-loss treatment, the FMS (Fat Mobilization System), which induces the body to generate heat energy and stimulates the conversion of regular fat to brown fat, making it easier for the body to burn.

Now, with the superior technology of the FMS Elite, excess weight is lost without the cold wet wraps and without the shivering. Thermogenesis is achieved via a blanket roll wrapped around the body, with the temperature maintained homogenously throughout the treatment session, making it more comfortable and more efficient. And the treatment session still lasts only 30 minutes with no downtime.

But whether the goal is overall weight-loss, fat reduction in specific problem areas, or resculpting the figure to its ideal shape, Marie France has a solution. Supervised by medical doctors, nutritionists, and slimming consultants, and with the most advanced slimming technology, Marie France’s weight-loss programs are personalized for each client to guarantee that she attains the body and shape she’s always wanted. These successful slimming journeys are translated to Marie France Befores and Afters, true testaments to the effectiveness of the Marie France slimming system.

The Original Can Never Be Replaced

With 30 years of experience tucked under its belt, Marie France is still the best slimming partner for women who acknowledge the importance of looking their best and living healthier lives. By re-educating them about healthy choices and reinvigorating their confidence, Marie France doesn’t just reshape bodies, it transforms lives.

dawn before&after

Just as it has done for Dawn, who, two pregnancies later and in her 40s, now finds herself as an icon of ageless beauty. She has inspired so many women to start their own slimming journeys.

Dawn and Marie France: two icons, two trusted names, two beacons of aspiration. New fads and beauties come and go, but nothing compares to the original. The ones that transcend time, limits, and expectations.

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