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OCTOBER 27, 2022

IZA Calzado is newest Pond’s girl, endorsing the Age Miracle line.
IZA Calzado is newest Pond’s girl, endorsing the Age Miracle line.
IZA Calzado is newest Pond’s girl, endorsing the Age Miracle line.

At 33, ACTRESS Iza Calzado keeps her olive skin supple and sexy with a diligent skincare routine, regular exercise and a yummy beauty secret: beef nilaga.


“We have ‘nilaga night’ once or twice a week, when we eat slow-cooked beef soup which is really good for skin,” Calzado says. “It’s a full meal in itself, and I share it with my boyfriend and brothers.”


The recipe calls for organic beef buto-buto with litid, which she says is a good source of nutrients and collagen, a connective tissue vital for skin elasticity. The beef nilaga has sliced saba, squash, pechay and green beans, all tossed in a pot and simmered for six hours, with no potatoes and MSG.


As an advocate of healthy living, she emphasizes that eating right is essential to having good skin. Her favorites are laing, boiled kamote, quinoa and cauli rice—her substitutes for white rice and pasta. And to keep her skin youthful, she uses Pond’s Age Miracle products, starting off with the foam cleanser.

Pond's Age Miracle line
Pond’s Age Miracle line

“Clean your face before sleeping; it’s a very basic rule that busy women forget about or get too lazy to do,” she says. “And protect your skin by using a day cream such as Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream with SPF 15.”


Calzado says aging is something she’s very comfortable with: “When I turned 30, I saw laugh lines starting to form and I embraced them. Once I think it’s a disadvantage, it becomes that—so I told myself my 30s are going be awesome, and now I’m excited about turning 40.”




We recently saw the actress in the movie “Etiquette for Mistresses,” and those cinema close-ups showed how glowing and taut her skin is. She attributes this to regular use of Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream that “renews skin cells while you sleep” and the Dual Eye Cream that checks crow’s feet.


For a fresh matte finish, she also recommends using the BB Cream with SPF 30 as makeup base to cover lines and sun spots.


Pond’s Age Miracle has been in the Philippines since 2008, says senior brand manager Jules Gollayan, and it’s been the go-to anti-aging product for Filipino women ages 30 and up.

IZA Calzado with Pond’s brand manager Jules Gollayan; Unilever’s Cheskie Ayson, Apples Aberin, Mian David, Carla Garcia, Lauren Tanganco and Brittany Kaw (PHOTO: IRENE PEREZ)
IZA Calzado with Pond’s brand manager Jules Gollayan; Unilever’s Cheskie Ayson, Apples Aberin, Mian David, Carla Garcia, Lauren Tanganco and Brittany Kaw (PHOTO: IRENE PEREZ)


Calzado is the newest face of Pond’s. She joined fellow endorsers Rissa Mananquil Trillo, Agoo Bengzon, Cheska Kramer and Vanessa Matsunaga in the recent launch of Pond’s #LoveMyExpressions campaign, which encourages women to go all out in expressing themselves, lines and all.


Gollayan explains that Pond’s Age Miracle has Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex Technology and Retinol Boosters that promote smooth skin, plus CLA and AHA which exfoliate for an even skin tone.


“The basic regimen includes washing with facial foam and moisturizing in the morning, then cleansing and applying serum and cream in the evening,” he says.


For specific areas like the neck, he suggests using the Targeted Lifting Massager, and the Eye Contour Lifter to address puffy lids.


Pond’s Age Miracle products are formulated in Shanghai, and are light on the skin, he adds. “It is best that women use them early, because once we turn 30, we lose 1 percent of collagen each year.”


And Calzado agrees: “Having an effective regimen is key to aging gracefully, instead of having surgery done so early.”


Again, she stresses the importance of having an active lifestyle. “It’s a choice. People may say I’m an actress who always has a trainer and a cook at my disposal. That’s true, but being fit and having healthy skin is always about discipline.”


She has one weakness, though: the beach.


“I actually have a lighter skin tone, but I am constantly in the sun, which is bad for the skin. So I use sun protection, moisturize, and eat nilaga, of course.”


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