Cebu Living gives thanks for turning one

OCTOBER 27, 2022


The sun setting on Sanson Road would have led to the same tranquil hum of the leaves brushing against the trees, if it weren’t for the droves and droves of men and women flocking towards 32 Sanson, where when following the stone path leads to a flash of lights above your head, and a trail of smoke trailing from deliciously smelling stack of various meats. Voices in the form of laughter and relaxed conversation are overheard as you come close. Take a closer look, or better yet, take a seat and join in on the festivities. It’s Weekend Sunset at 32 Sanson.


To celebrate Cebu Living’s first year, a Thanksgiving family food fair—complete with music, food, and good table settings to match—was set for everyone to join in, free of charge, at the verdant open area of 32 Sanson. Family and friends arrived just before the sun set, and more poured on as the night continued. Food selections were diverse, including great tasting pizza from PizzaLab, homemade artisan ice cream from Scoops by Edrea, TAP 66’s mouthwatering lechon bellies, TAHOtally’s flavour some taho, delicious beef shanks from The Braiserie, sumptuous pastries from Kitskitchenn, good burgers from The Burger Nation, The Kitchen Project’s yummy shrimp rolls, Mad Chicken’s roster of good chicken sandwiches, bacon from Everything Bacon, Asoh BBQ’s mouthwatering chicken barbecue, and Charlie’s Chocolate Farm’s signature chocolate milkshakes. A cotton candy cart and a kid’s corner posed perfect for the kids and kids at heart, while music from Adlib band serenaded the crowd as the night went on. Various giveaways and raffle prizes from HIP Events capped off the night. Past covers of Cebu Living were propped for everyone to see along tables and chairs that brought everyone closer together.

People entered with curious minds and left with full stomachs and wide grinds, and even as everyone had their fill of good grub, the warm, relaxing ambiance in the company of dear friends and family made Weekend Sunset an afternoon to remember.

This event was presented to you by Cebu Living Magazine and 32 Sanson by Rockwell, and brought to you by Hinge Inquirer Publications. Special thanks to McCormick Friends and Flavor Club, Rustan’s, and Sunlife. Official media partners include Cebu Daily News,,, and Bigseed Public Relations & Events.