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OCTOBER 27, 2022


For every child enjoying a well-thought-of and perfect Christmas gift, there is an exhausted mother, or aunt, who scoured the whole metro for weeks on end.


You will see her—clutching a list with names of children, nephews and nieces and godchildren, both hers and her husband’s—in toy stores, clothes stores or bookstores.


And as the countdown to Christmas gets closer, the shopping frenzy gets more intense, with toy stores resembling market scenes as everyone tries to get hold of whatever the latest craze is.


But whatever it takes, moms always get it all done, putting a smile on everyone’s faces, the sight of which is more than enough to make up for all her stress and exhaustion.


But this year, why not turn the tables around and search for something as special as mom and give her a holiday surprise? Here are a few insider tips from moms themselves who reveal what they really, truly want for Christmas.


Time together



Catherine Bondoc

Mother of two; full-time homemaker


“Besides wishing for a weekend getaway with my husband and finding an easier way to get a fit and toned body, this Christmas I would like to have less of the holiday rush and more holiday hush. Hush to listen more, to understand better and to really connect.


Soeng Ikeda
Soeng Ikeda

Soeng Ikeda

Mother of three; owner of Fujimama


“I would like my children to feel the spirit of Christmas by making an Advent calendar and finding other ways to teach them the true meaning behind the celebrations. The best gift would be time for us to just be together, enjoying simple joys, such as light shows and Christmas food treats.


“But if we’re talking about something wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, I wouldn’t mind receiving something small and sparkly in a little box—every girl’s best friend!”


Sheila Osena
Sheila Osena

Sheila Osena

Mother of three; businessman


“I would love to have the gift of a staycation where I can quietly unwind with my husband and kids, away from all the activities of the holidays.”


Pat Kierulf-Mauricio
Pat Kierulf-Mauricio

Pat Kierulf-Mauricio

Mother of two; owner of Fruits in Bloom


As a working mom, I sometimes get overwhelmed in balancing life, health and career. Of course, from all these priorities, it is my wellness that is often compromised. I would love to receive a gift pertaining to health and relaxation. And if my husband is feeling generous, then he can get me a year’s supply of Celergen (an anti-aging supplement). Now that would be awesome!”


LUCY Torres-Gomez
LUCY Torres-Gomez

Lucy Torres-Gomez

Mother of one; congressman


I would love to receive Pure Marula Facial Oil. There is a pleasure to be had each time one uses it—it is a very sensory experience. I am fascinated by how well the product works, how pure it is, the fact that it supports fair trade and empowers women in the local communities where the oil is sourced. It’s not everyday that you find a product that surpasses the benefits of a superior anti-aging moisturizer and primer in one. I like products with a story, and this one definitely tops my list. It will make a lovely present, to give or to receive it.”


Marimel Francisco

Mother of three; trustee, Museum Foundation of the Philippines


“What I truly want for Christmas is more quality time to bond with my family. My children are growing up so fast, I almost want to stop time to keep them as the sweet-smelling babies they once were. Quality time is always a challenge because, on a day-to-day basis, everyone is so busy. The days are filled with school and the afternoons are booked with activities—ballet, tennis, jazz, Kumon, etc.


“The weekends quickly get filled up, too, usually with birthdays and commitments to the grandparents. So, what do I really want for Christmas? Book me on a flight, even just for a week or two, to anywhere in the world or the country, with my three children and husband, and I will be thrilled! Ideally some place that offers a good mix of kiddie activities (a theme park, a zoo, an aquarium) with museums, good restaurants (for my husband Toddy and I to indulge in) and plenty of shopping.


“However, if a trip is a bit of a production to plan, a painting by Andres Barrioquinto (the ‘Butterfly’ series!) would be greatly appreciated, too.”


Tangible and intangible


Samantha Calleja

Mother of two, businessman


“As mothers, we love to receive both tangible and intangible things for Christmas. The tangible things make us feel warm, happy and loved. This Christmas, that would be a bottle of my favorite perfume, Tom Ford Black Orchid. It makes me feel feminine and beautiful.


“My ideal intangible gift is to spend quality time with my children: to embrace them, be thankful for our blessings and create special memories that we will all treasure forever.”


Geraldine Zamora-Racaza

Mother of one; internist/rheumatologist; board member of Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation


We’re blessed to have a very thoughtful seven-year-old daughter who regularly surprises us with cards, artworks, baked goodies and sweet nothings. After I first brought her to Kidzania, she said she would go to Starbucks, and she used her card to buy me a green tea frapuccino (she knows it’s my favorite!) and thanked me ‘for being the best mommy.’


“When she got some money from selling her banana cakes, the first thing she did was to treat her dad to her favorite fastfood chain, Jollibee. Her sweet and grateful attitude all year long is a good enough gift for me, and I really cannot think of anything else I would like to receive from her.


“Maybe a gift certificate to a spa, or if she really wants to give me something special, a coupon that entitles me to feed her vegetables daily without hearing complaints! I wish for the gift of her continued good health, a strong spirit and a generous heart. That would be the best gift any mother could ask for.”

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