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Miss Universe Germany apology

Miss Germany backtracks, apologizes to Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe Germany apology

After saying that she was unhappy with the victory of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek has issued an apology to the Filipina beauty queen.


In a statement issued by the Miss Universe Germany Facebook page on Tuesday, it was said that she feels sorry for Wurtzbach and Miss Universe first runner-up and Colombia’s bet Ariadna Gutierrez.


Riek’s camp said that the German beauty did not intend to offend Wurtzbach “in any way.”


“Miss Universe Germany Sarah-Lorraine feels sorry for her colleague and friend Miss Colombia. This must have been the worst nightmare. She never intended to offend Miss Philippines in any way. She feels sorry for both girls. As well for Pia Miss Philippines that she didn’t have her real crowning moment,” the statement read.

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In an interview with Missosology correspondent Natalia Cruz hours after the coronation, Riek said that she was not happy with the results as “none voted for Philippines.”

“She is really sorry if the video suggests anything else than that. It’s an emotional roller coaster what happened yesterday in Las Vegas. She and all the other girls felt so sorry for Colombia at that moment. They could all imagine how this must feel. That’s not the final result moment what you wish for anyone. And also for Pia,” the statement added.

In the end, Riek is said to be “very happy” with a half-German winning the crown.

“She wishes Pia all the best for this year as Miss Universe 2015,” the statement ended.

In the Missosology video, Riek cried foul and said that Gutierrez was robbed of the crown. She drew flak for her statement from netizens.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset because, for me, she was robbed…I was very happy for Colombia, actually. she really deserved it. But I’m very unhappy with the result and so were the other girls, I’m very sorry to say it,” Riek told Cruz.

The coronation night of the pageant became controversial after host Steve Harvey incorrectly declared Gutierrez as the winner. Minutes after his botched announcement, he apologized. AJH

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Controversial Reaction of Miss Germany

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Posted by Missosology on Sunday, December 20, 2015

  • SalesDOMNicoleTonetteTAMUD

    Shame on you BEEEETCH!

  • palakasantayo

    The Miss Universe company who is running the pageant just confirmed Steve Harvey will emcee next year’s contest again. I will NOT watch it and will campaign to boycott the show as long as this idiot (SH) remains the designated host.

    • desi derata

      Good, stop thinking about Miss Universe.

    • AkoyPekpekLover

      That confirms the rumor that it was a publicity stunt. Instead of penalizing Steve such as fine, he’s back next year.

  • CALIGULA the younger

    Ms Germany was offered by the circus to do a tape for a whopping 10 euros. The title of the movie is” Horsie12″ . Or as Donald Trump would say, “She got shlonged”. Hahahaha.

  • AkoyPekpekLover

    Backtrack or FVCK OFF ?

  • another_conservative_in_exile

    Pia displayed a tremendous amount of grace and poise and compassion in finally being declared the actual winner. It speaks to why she actually won. Miss Columbia will benefit tremendously from the mix-up. in terms of publicity and endorsement offers, and magazine covers, interviews, etc. Both ladies win, by remaining gracious.

  • Mannypacs Molinari

    Look!! Miss Germany Sarah-Lorraine is “latina by blood” whose both parents is from Venezuela. She had chosen to represent her ethnicity’s roots, the “latina nations” and loving miss Comlombia . Most of the “latina troublemakers” ganged up on a true “half-blooded German” beauty Miss Philippines. Blood is thicker than water! Pia Wurtzbach is a true bloodied German compared to Miss Germany who has Venezuelan Blood. then Envy came in.

    • xfme

      that explains it. i guess the german organization is also buying on the idea that latin women have better chances at beauty pageants. although, there are other organizations that think the asian look is in. that is why you see an asian looking ms canada world. and canada before sent a filipina to represent itself in the ms universe.

      i myself do not care about ethnicity as long as it is imaginable that the contestant represent the face of that nation. ms germany is passable as a german. ms philippines looks so asian you would not know she ‘s part german except for her last name. let as not forget friendly ms australia who is (100% serbian) refugee from serbia. it didn’t matter in australia.

      now ms japan… hmm i am torn between being politically correct and being honest. ms japan reminds me of the gorgeous chat silayan. pero (tatagalugin ko ha? para atin atin lang ) medyo duling. at mukhang saksakan nang kaba na mababasa mo sa mukha. maiintindihan ko ang mga hapon kung bakit nasabi nila na hindi mukhang haponesa ang rep nila. after all the japanese are not known to intermarry with people from another nation (i know except filipinas), much less from another continent.

    • Sweet Serendipity

      very well said Molinari!….an adopted daughter of Germany is bitchy, envious, jealous to a real daughter of Germany……( no wonder she is bitchy to Pia, she is not a real German….Lorraine Rieks is a real latina.)

  • xfme

    let ms germany’s action pass. the ms universe germany organization is embarrassed by her deeds and apologized for her (ms germany herself did not apologized). her country is scolding her and even another ms germany organization is disowning her calling her a non official ms germany (i do not know about that- she did represent germany in the ms universe).

  • Sweet Serendipity

    All the judges voted for Miss Philippines,..,Miss Philippines won fair and square….,she has a beauty that stands out from the rest,.!!!. Congratulations Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach!!! <3

  • shon

    she deserve it ..