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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THE HENNESSY Jeep is a customized jeepney bar.
THE HENNESSY Jeep is a customized jeepney bar.
THE HENNESSY Jeep is a customized jeepney bar. PHOTOS BY POCHOLO CONCEPCION



Cheers to the folks who transformed the Shooting Gallery—a multipurpose studio complex in Makati—into a town plaza with bars on the street for the launch of “King of the Road”—a promotional event to introduce French cognac brand Hennessy Very Special (VS) to a younger market.


“Younger” in this instance meant people in their mid-20s to about 40—in other words, not older than their dads who are perceived to be more partial to the likes of cognac. Apparently, liquor brands have been trying to develop the taste of an age group composed mainly of beer drinkers.


Probably that’s also the reason why Hennessy at Moët Hennessy Asia-Pacific has a young Filipino brand manager, Carlo Bautista. He told Inquirer Lifestyle that he believes the local youth market is ready to party or chill out with drinks like cognac.


That sounds expensive because a bottle of Hennessy VS easily costs over P1,000. But consider the argument that the young Pinoys who are starting to appreciate cognac have good paying jobs, so they can easily afford it, too.


At the event, the proceedings focused on three elements of contemporary Pinoy youth culture: music, art and food that go well with sips of Hennessy VS-infused cocktails.


The music was hip-hop, with rapper Curtismith rolling out his verses to the beats of DJ KidThrones. There was also sensual ruminations of the multitasking BP Valenzuela, who sang while spinning her programmed rhythms.


Graffiti artist Egg Fiasco rendered colorful drawings on a makeshift wall.


THE CROWDat the “Hennessy King of the Road” launch
THE CROWD at the “Hennessy King of the Road” launch


Gourmet street food


The grub, described as gourmet street food, was prepared by two well-known chefs: Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery and JP Anglo of Sarsa and Kafé Batwan.


Standouts among the four items Jordy served were the Dulce de Leche Bonbons with Hennessy VS, and very tender Beef with Star Anise and Crispy Onions. Exotic yet tasty were JP’s Laing on Toast with Talangka Butter and Grilled Coconut, Kansi Panada with Batwan Gravy, and Charcoal Grilled Kare-Kare Soft-Shell Taco with Pinoy Sriracha.


They were paired with concoctions by mixologist Lee Watson: Habal Habal, black pepper-infused Hennessy VS, bay leaf, honey and calamansi with ginger beer; and Patok, Hennessy VS infused with siling labuyo, honey, calamansi and vinegar.


GOURMET street food was prepared by two well-known chefs: JP Anglo of Sarsa and Kafé Batwan
GOURMET street food was prepared by two well-known chefs: JP Anglo of Sarsa and Kafé Batwan


The overall effect was refreshing but the desire to get a fuller buzz was achieved when the lady chief organizer named Annie ordered a few glasses of Hennessy VS on the rocks to be served at our table.


When the Hennessy Jeep—a customized jeepney bar that would soon be a presence in select events around town—was driven into the premises, the “King of the Road” vibe was complete.


Well, almost due to a minor but telling detail: The accompanying recorded music was Hotdog’s “Manila”—when Juan de la Cruz Band’s “Beep Beep” would’ve been perfect.


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Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery.
Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery


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