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OCTOBER 27, 2022

YOUR mantra for the week: “I am now soaring to my highest potential.”


It is Easter! Metaphysically, it means the God within (the Christ within) is calling your attention to Its Presence. Whenever you awaken to your own Divinity, you start becoming aware of who you really are—there is a shift from your so-called Human Nature to your God Nature.


When you experience this shift, it is called a resurrection.


God is always within you. But oftentimes you forget this and you allow your ego to take over. However, every time you remember and call upon It, the God within you arises once again in your consciousness. In the same manner that when Jonathan Livingston Seagull became aware of his Divinity, he began to soar toward his highest potential.


This is a day of resurrection. Shifting from a lower self to a higher self, you are able to resurrect yourself from disease to wholeness, from any form of lack to abundance, from frustration to elation, from disarray to harmony.


You are also able to rise from repression to expression, from disappointment to exaltation, from failure to victory.


Furthermore, this awakening enables you to move from ill will to goodwill, from resentment to forgiveness, from defeat to triumph.


The Holy Book says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within, and all else shall be added unto you.” In a sense, you will discover your own Godhood and, thus, open your mind and heart to the Power that you have. Through your thoughts and feelings, you are able to connect with that God Power and are able to raise yourself from all that is negative in your life to all that is positive and wonderful.


And then you will find that you are always Divinely directed and governed. That Still, Small Voice shall always be heard even in the midst of noise and so-called chaos—in the midst of all challenges, that Voice will still be heard.


Today is the day of your resurrection, for you have awakened to that Power that will allow you to soar and express your highest potential. And then you will understand why the Scriptures say, “Ye are Gods.”


Manila’s 400


In the late 1950s, when there were only 15 million Filipinos, there existed a class of people referred to as Manila’s 400—made up of 40 old families from different parts of the country that made Manila their permanent residence.


Among them were families with familiar surnames like Aguinaldo, Aquino, Gabaldon, Hontiveros, Jacinto, Kalaw, Katigbak, Ledesma, De las Alas, De Leon, Lopez, Madrigal, Magalona, Nakpil, Osmeña, Prieto, Roces, Del Rosario, Rufino, Sunico, Ysmael, Yulo—recognized as the crème de la crème of those times, the “de buena familia.”


‘New Society’


From 1969, when the population increased to 30 million and the Marcoses took over the reigns of government with the declaration of martial law, there arose a “New Society” which replaced the de Buena familia with Marcos cronies called the Blue Boys and Blue Ladies, or the BBL (Blue Boys and Ladies) of the era that did not have to pass Congress and the Senate, it merely took a verbal Executive Order.


The pages of the Marcos-controlled newspapers were filled with names like the Benedictos, the Cuencas, the Mathays, the Tinios, the Felicianos, the Velascos and all the way to Messrs XYZ and their ilk.


In 1986, the population grew to 55 million and today, there are almost 102 million Filipinos in a country with a land area of approximately 300,000 square kilometers.


To stress once more the importance of the Reproductive Health Law, let me compare our beloved Philippines to one state of America—California, in particular, which has 423,970 square kilometers and a population of 39.3 million, or a third of our population. What can I say, that is probably why it is more fun (making babies) in the Philippines?


‘Now Society’


As the population grew, so did high society balloon to Metro Manila’s 4,000, which I will label as the “Now Society,” composed of a sprinkling of members of de Buena familia, a big bulk of the binuenas na familia (as enumerated in my column on June 8, 2014, “From ‘de buena familia’ to ‘binuenas na familia’), and a proliferation of foreign names like Fenton, Geriene, Liechtenstein, Lane, Schoefer, Wadle, Hoffman, Matschuck, Taylor, Dixon, Gfeller and Sarakinis.


After having met and read about these ladies, I am convinced that the Filipino wife has also been catapulted, like the country, to investment grade because being married to one assures future wealthy grooms to be spoiled, taken care of aside from their looking like trophy wives.


Even our own Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, who already has a foreign surname, is currently dating hunky Dr. Mike Varshavski.


Add to the Now Society, all the Chinoys who have come out of their closets of wealth and are seriously partying. For their names, I must refer you to their public relations personnel. There are quite a few of them. Now, now, now—watch your thoughts, it is Easter!


E-mail the author at georgedfsison@gmail.com; visit www.GeorgeSison.com and www.iamism.org; listen to his “Positive Session” radio program on DWIZ 882 AM every Saturday, 9-10 p.m.

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