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Your imagination pops–with time






Where does the time go? According to the new Swatch POP Collection, a zillion different destinations. These eye-catching watches have pop-out heads seemingly with minds of their own. One minute they’re ticking  on your wrist, the next they’re  hooked with a cute pearl necklace, or attached  to your yoga mat in a Zen moment.


The new Swatch POP Collection comprises nine watches in designs as wild as  the imagination.


Three black-andwhite pieces—POPdancing, POPmoving and POPloo king—are sheer graphic purity.


Alongside them is a trio of colored creations—POPalicious, POPiness and POPpingpop—with confetti replacing digits for some alternative eye candy.


Adding fizz to the collection are POPover, POPtastic and POPthusiasm.


Every watch comes with a special clip to attach it to wherever the wearer’s imagination takes it.


Since  these watches are destined to go places, there is a POP accessories range featuring colored neck chains, a metal pocket chain and a table clock stand. Matching wall watches complete the line-up.


Swatch is teaming up with  digital influencers from all over the globe,  inviting them to pop it up their way. These creative communicators, from the fields of street culture, humor, fashion and dance, will share their POP-inspired “secrets.”  Swatch POP makes the perfect canvas for the imagination.


Swatch  is available at Swatch shops nationwide.


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