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OCTOBER 27, 2022

TREAT dad to a haircut at home courtesy of Custom Cuts.
TREAT dad to a haircut at home courtesy of Custom Cuts.
TREAT dad to a
haircut at home
courtesy of
Custom Cuts.


THE AIVEE Clinic is offering fathers a 20-percent discount on all treatments. To the women who go there regularly, I suggest taking your husband for an appointment so he will understand when your bill comes.


But seriously, even the man of the house needs to be pampered even if he doesn’t think so.


Between fat-busting, abs-sculpting lasers and instalifting facial treatments, the beauty industry has imbibed the revolutionary gains of science and technology with enthusiasm and a hopeful spirit.


After all, who doesn’t want youthful skin, a tight tummy, perfect complexion, or a full head of luscious hair to last a lifetime?


With newer technologies, futuristic machines and quicker solutions, many think it could just be a matter of time before robots would be performing the most sought-after beauty procedures.


For hair transplants, for instance, robotics technology has arrived at a whole new level of effectiveness and ingenuity with Artas—the first and only physician-controlled robotic hair restoration system which ensures accuracy and precision in extracting hair strands from the scalp to be transplanted into balding areas.


In traditional hair transplant surgeries, manual extraction is the most tedious, strenuous and most prone to human error like inducing injury to the hair follicles. Through mere eye-hand coordination, doctors use a harvesting tool to punch out hairs by hand.


And because it requires repetitive, difficult and precise movements, manual extraction usually comes with the risk not just of human error but of damaging the hair grafts for implantation, which, when transplanted, may not grow to become one’s desired healthy new hair.


Here is where Artas provides the solution. Its robotic arm, which targets coordinates every 20 milliseconds to harvest follicles, is coupled with high-resolution digital imaging, which detects the hair on the scalp and allows exceptional control in “spacing between harvests, dissection depths and harvest angles” to extract intact and healthy hair grafts based on the doctor’s input in the machine.


The time it takes to finish the hair transplant procedure is significantly reduced and made more comfortable for patients. With Artas, in fact, patients are able to do their regular activities right after the treatment.


What’s more, the minimally invasive hair restoration procedure delivers natural results without a linear scar common with traditional methods.


Edu Manzano has tried Artas and has seen and experienced its striking effect. “Artas was nothing I imagined,” he said. “I had the procedure done in March 2014 and the total procedure took about five hours. It is a revolutionary concept and it’s a great deal to have it available in the Philippines. While the machine is intimidating, the experience is manageable.”


With Artas technology, we see other possibilities beyond being the solution to bald areas—from lowering the hairline to disguise a wide forehead to adding strands to the eyebrows and creating natural looking beards.


The future is here with Artas, and, indeed, it looks bright.


Haircuts at home


If your husband is as busy as mine this coming Father’s Day, treat him to a haircut right in the comfort of your own home courtesy of Custom Cuts.


It is so convenient since I’m trying to avoid malls these days. My kids have their hair done while they watch TV.


Custom Cuts’ rate is P350 for children, and P300 for succeeding sessions.


My favorite is the blow dry (P300) which I like having right after a shower before dressing up for an event.


The only drawback, for now, is that it’s available only in Makati.


Aivee Teo Clinic is at 2/F, East Building, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Call 4033245, 0917-5210222; visit Call Custom Cuts at 0995-2985147, 0949-9422653

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