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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Are you prepping for the new academic term? College life can be tricky as you balance your school work with extra-curricular activities. A lot of times, even with the best-laid plans to manage your schedule, things eventually get out of hand. Survive university life like a boss with all the right tools, only from National Book Store. Here’s our recommendation of college must-haves for your everyday carry:


Bring life to your desk with Olife Desk Organizers. Perfect for keeping your things and files in one place, now there’s no need to worry about losing another pen or misplacing any of your stuff. After all, there is “a place for everything, everything in its place.”


If you are worried about all the files and research papers you are going to accumulate during the year, this Really Useful Box will help ease your organizational woes away! Stash your files inside and forget about accidentally getting them wet, crumpled, or lost. The Really Useful Box even has a desk organizer for your flash drive and small sticky notes that you want to keep safe.


For the sake of convenience, you probably carry a small standard calculator in your bag, but there’s nothing like the tactile satisfaction of a scientific calculator. Click and clack your way through those tricky formulas and mind-bending equations with these scientific calculators from Canon, Comix, and Sharp. You can’t go wrong with either one!


If you are the type that has a fondness for collecting pens – different colors and brands – it is necessary to stack them in just one place in your bag. These cool and stylish Montague Pouches will keep your stuff organized and right where you need them. No more fumbling around for stuff!

nbs-smartfit -multipurpose-bags

Now that the rainy season is in full swing, there’s no better way to keep your stuff safe and secure with Smartfit Multipurpose Bags. Durable and water-resistant, these bags come in different colors and sizes that will fit not just your personal style, but all your gadgets and accessories, as well.
Prepare for the new semester with everything you need for college survival. Take a closer step to achieving your goals and dreams with National Book Store. It Starts Here.

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