4 ways to keep track of your luggage | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


Luggage bags are travel essentials, especially if you’re going to be out of the country for a short time. Luggage holds everything a traveler could ever need, from clothes, to small appliances, toiletries and more.


Losing your luggage during transit can be a total nightmare. To avoid this, here are some simple things to try so that your luggage doesn’t disappear into the lost items section:


1) Make it eye-catching


“The brightest of flowers grab the most attention.” This not only applies to plant life, but bags as well.  Get rid of your drab monochrome roller bag and go for something that pops out a little more. You can opt for pastel or neon colors or pick a bag with intricate and psychedelic patterns.


2) Attention-grabbing tags


The bag itself doesn’t have to be the only thing that’s bright. Tags can be as equally bright while contrasting with the luggage so that your items are distinguishable even as luggage piles up on the conveyor belt. Bag straps can also be great ways to ID your bags while also discouraging potential thieves from opening your stuff.


3) Photographic evidence


It can be hard to describe what your bag looks like through words alone, so take a clear photo on your smartphone. Take one of both the inside and the outside of the luggage so you’ll be prepared to show it to the handlers in case it is lost.


4) Add Details


Print all of your contact details on a piece of glossy sticker paper (excluding your full name and home address, of course) and stick it onto your luggage. This is especially helpful if you don’t lose your baggage on the airport and instead lose it at a bus stop, store or taxi. Details may include your cellphone number, e-mail address, your hotel address or maybe a QR code that leads to all of these details or more.


You’ll never lose your luggage again if you follow these simple but effective steps. A tourist’s luggage is their lifeline, so you should always be careful with it whenever you go out on an adventure.




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